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How to Find the Best Apple Phone Management Solutions

Apple devices are more than just consumer electronics. They’re powerful business tools for communication, project management and countless other tasks. The challenge for many businesses is finding solutions for Apple phone management and other Apple devices (including iPads, iWatches and Mac computers) that properly handle device security and compliance while controlling costs.

How do you know which services are right for you? Learn more about the leading services, the benefits they offer and how to find the right fit for your organization

What Services Are Available for Apple Phone and Device Management?

There are myriad services available for Apple devices, covering areas including technical support, hardware repair and comprehensive device management solutions.

In addition to the standard management services available for most phones, Apple devices can be serviced through official channels such as AppleCare and through third-party support offerings. These programs offer custom support from knowledgeable professionals.

Here are some of the most common Apple phone management and Apple device management services.

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AppleCare for Enterprise

AppleCare for Enterprise is a comprehensive support and service program offered by Apple to its corporate customers. This program helps businesses get the most out of their Apple products through services including hardware repairs, software support and technical assistance. Customers receive quick and effective support that minimizes device downtime and maximizes productivity.

One of the key benefits of AppleCare for Enterprise is the 24/7 technical support provided by Apple’s team of experts. You can access support via phone, email or online. AppleCare for Enterprise also provides access to resources, including online training and support articles, that help your team better understand and use their Apple products.

Another key benefit of AppleCare for Enterprise is hardware repair services, which include accidental damage coverage and theft protection. In the event of a hardware failure, you can take advantage of Apple’s global network of repair centers.

If you are looking for additional support directly from Apple, the company offers additional services, such as Apple Business Essentials. This subscription-based service combines Apple device management with 24/7 support and cloud storage. While this can be a great option for small teams, its services are limited. A fast-growing business might find itself quickly outgrowing the service.

Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager (ABM), previously known as Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), is a free Apple solution that enables enterprises to simplify and automate the bulk enrollment and deployment of corporate Apple devices and volume licenses, including iPhones, iPads and Macs.

The portal makes it easy to automate the setup and configuration of your Apple devices, and provides a way for you to manage accounts, apps, books and devices. You can also use ABM to create and manage Apple IDs from a corporate level.

ABM offers several other benefits that can help you effectively manage your Apple devices. One important feature of ABM is its ability to monitor compliance with policies, such as app usage and encryption. This can help you ensure that your devices are being used in accordance with company policies and that sensitive data is properly protected. The platform also allows you to query devices for settings and content, which can be useful for troubleshooting issues and managing devices remotely.

ABM also offers powerful security features, including the ability to remotely wipe or lock devices if they are lost or stolen. This can help prevent unauthorized access to corporate data and mitigate the risk of data breaches. ABM can even help avoid “bricked” device issues by confirming that devices are properly configured and up-to-date, which can help prevent issues that can render devices unusable. As a Tangoe customer, you can also name Tangoe as one of your customer’s ABM managers.

What is Tangoe for Apple?

Tangoe for Apple is an integrated device lifecycle management solution for Apple devices. With Tangoe One Managed Mobility Solutions, you have a 360-degree view of your devices and all related uses, expenses and statuses.

Included in this solution is AppleCare from Tangoe, which gives you all of the benefits of AppleCare for Enterprise, including convenient access to device support and repairs. Two- and three-year support plans are available for devices.

Your employees can also access 24/7 technical support, with support in 13 languages, and on-site service is available globally. As an authorized reseller of AppleCare for Enterprise, Tangoe’s service also supports corporate-liable and bring-your-own-device models.

Tangoe for Apple can be included as part of any Tangoe Managed Mobility Service (MMS).

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What are Managed Mobility Services for Apple iPhones and Devices?

Managed mobility services (MMS) are outsourced services that help you manage the end-to-end lifecycle of Apple mobile devices, applications, and services. MMS covers a range of services, including Apple device procurement, mobile device management (MDM), mobile security, and support and maintenance services.

MMS can include support for the enterprise lifecycle experience, from procurement and setup to decommissioning and disposal. You’ll receive visibility and insights into Apple mobile device usage that help you quickly identify and address issues.

What Are the Benefits of Apple Phone Management and Apple Device Services?

Here are five common benefits of Apple iphone and device management services.

Cost Savings

Many services provide cost savings by centralizing device management and support, which helps your IT department work more efficiently. For example, by tracking device lifecycles and offering remote diagnostic and repair services, you anticipate device and component failures, reducing your overall costs.

Some services reduce the costs associated with poor cybersecurity outcomes, such as data breaches and phishing attacks. MDM security features such as remote wipe and password enforcement keep sensitive data from becoming compromised.

Improved Security

Good security isn’t just about cost savings. Services like AppleCare for Enterprise and device lifecycle management provide regular software updates to address vulnerabilities and flag obsolete devices before they become a security risk.

Mobile Device Management services and Unified Endpoint Security solutions help your IT department enforce security policies and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. These services enable you to limit application usage and installation — and, if needed, remotely erase device data.

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Better Lifecycle Management

Many Apple phone management services promote best practices throughout the device lifecycle, starting at activation.

Numerous services offer ongoing technical support, such as AppleCare for Enterprise and Tangoe for Apple. They ensure your devices are up to date with the latest security patches and software updates. Your teams have access to certified professionals for guidance on following any business or regulatory policies.

For devices near retirement, a strong device lifecycle management policy offers guidance for proper device disposal and replacement protocols.

Increased Efficiency

Having a strong ecosystem of Apple phone management services offers increased efficiency for your workforce, IT department, and security teams.

MDM services, for example, reduce the time and resources needed to manage your devices by providing easy access to a centralized platform. Device lifecycle management services, meanwhile, help companies plan and budget for device upgrades.

MMS offers comprehensive mobile solutions that support procurement, deployment, management and ongoing technical support. This level of service frees up time for your employees to focus on growth.

Better Employee Experience

Apple devices have a personal touch even when used for work. They’re often assigned to a single user who adapts the device to their needs and preferences. While you want to provide the optimal employee experience, you also need to safeguard these devices and protect important data.

Your users also want to have the latest, best-functioning equipment. Services such as DLM help you track device age and operating status so you can replace older devices on a regular schedule.

Employees also want the same level of service they receive with personal devices. This is where services such as AppleCare for Enterprise and Tangoe for Apple help by offering 24/7 support for on-site, remote and hybrid teams alike. Employees quickly receive assistance, including on-site repairs, so their downtime and frustration is minimized.

How Do You Determine the Right Solution for Your Business?

After completing your initial optimization efforts, there’s always more to be done. Here are six tips for continuing your application optimization journey.

Assess Your Needs

Review your current state, including existing services, to evaluate their effectiveness and identify gaps in your capabilities.

As you compare your device management needs against your strategic goals, consider factors such as the number of devices you need to manage, your budget and non-negotiable service requirements. It’s also important to think about scalability. The solutions you select must be able to grow with your business.

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Research the Available Options

Once you have a clear understanding of your current state and needs, it’s time to research what’s on the market. As you examine the available services, map out the potential impact they could have on your business — and where they appear to fall short.

While many solutions have overlapping features and services, they each have unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, an Apple MDM solution might offer limited support for device procurement and deployment. Meanwhile, a third-party Mobility Management Services platform could offer a more comprehensive solution that includes robust procurement and deployment options.

As you look at your options, explore key elements such as value, quality, ease of use, available integrations and customer support. Many services offer demos and trial plans so you can test your top choices before making a long-term investment

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Test a Solution

The Apple phone management services you select will shape your entire organization. Make sure you test potential solutions to see how they perform and to contrast their capabilities with each other.

If possible, start with a small group of users. This helps you get feedback quickly — and from a diverse group of employees — without interrupting your entire organization. During the trial period, track engagement and performance, and compare that with your performance expectations and anticipated costs. Collect and evaluate feedback from your test group to help you make an informed decision.

Implement the Solution

Once you’ve evaluated user testing and asked any relevant questions of solutions providers, it’s time to decide.

The procurement decision is vital, but it’s only the beginning. Now, you must plan the implementation process and timeline, including what you need for setup, any potential migrations, and employee training and support.

How Are You Planning for Success?

Apple phone management services can help your business operate more effectively, especially if you carefully select the mobile device support that matches your business’ needs. The iPhone and iPad are essential devices for countless businesses, and you need to provide a consumer-like experience while keeping the business secure. Whether you’re looking to realize greater cost savings from your devices, need help supporting your remote team or just want to simplify your mobile fleet, we can help. Find out how Tangoe helped a leading global provider of banking and commerce solutions identify $3.6 million in savings by streamlining and automating processes.

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