Fortune 500 Insurance Company Saves Big with Tangoe One Managed Mobility Solutions

Tangoe’s powerful software-first solution enables this company to increase mobility program visibility across business units, reduce spend, and consolidate device inventory tracking for the entire enterprise ecosystem. 

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The Challenge

A Fortune 500 leader in property and casualty insurance, group benefits, and mutual funds serves more than one million small businesses across the United States. With more than 17,000 employees nationwide, mobility management is one of this company’s top IT priorities. The CIO was tasked with migrating this company away from legacy smart devices, increasing visibility into its mobility program across business units, reducing mobility spend, and consolidating asset inventory tracking for the entire enterprise. All mobility program management was an extremely manual process; six people were responsible for ordering, delivering, and fixing mobile assets and two full-time employees focused solely on carrier billing and accurately allocating wireless charges, until they turned to Tangoe for mobility managed services. 


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savings in the first year

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seconds saved pulling each report

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The Solution

Tangoe One Managed Mobility Solutions (MMS) implemented end-to-end mobile ecosystem management for this company, creating a solution that addresses all their challenges and constantly evolving needs. By normalizing its data across every carrier, this company’s expenses and invoices can be reconciled within the billing month and correctly allocated to the appropriate cost centers. The ability to consolidate its carrier bill pay through one resource allows this customer to charge monthly fees directly to lines of business. Partnering with Tangoe, this customer is also now able to keep device and accessory inventory ready to be distributed as part of its asset lifecycle process. 


Normalized Data & Automated Expense Management

Made reconciliation and cost center allocation easier 


Centralized Asset Inventories

Enabled enterprise-wide reporting in under 30 seconds 


Legacy Devices_Purple_Legacy Devices

In with the New

Migrated users off antiquated legacy devices

The Outcome

After an extensive audit by Tangoe’s Advisory Services (TAS) team, this company realized a $31,000-per-month hard-cost savings. Additionally, they were able to cancel two full-time contractors, and made it possible for their IT staff to fully focus on large-scale projects rather than being bogged down by procuring, deploying, and supporting connected assets. 

Tangoe’s expense management tools and data normalization processes also saved this company another full-time employee salary, allowing that individual to, instead, be utilized for additional revenue-generating opportunities. After just the first year of collaboration with Tangoe, this company saved more than $500,000, with the savings expected to continue.