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Benchmark Analysis: Gain Negotiating Power

Technology is ever changing, as are the current rates and terms. Gone are the days when you could simply review tariff pricing and use that as leverage. In order to deeply understand the current pricing models and trending terms and conditions, you need access to a database amassed with a statistically significant amount of insight. This is where Tangoe comes in.  

Guide your contract renewals with $34B in tech spending insights from Tangoe’s Advisory Services team. Define your biggest savings opportunities with a benchmarking analysis comparing your existing rates against market-leading prices tracked across hundreds of IT providers around the globe.  

Assess Your Assets

  • Audit your IT services across telecom, mobile, and cloud 
  • Define existing assets, usage, and associated costs 
  • See fully loaded costs across multiple service providers 

Sharpen Negotiations

  • Compare your current rates to market-competitive prices
  • Calculate how much you’re overspending
  • Identify the savings value gained from switching providers

Compare Prices

  • Arm procurement with data for informed decision-making 
  • Let professional negotiators handle the due diligence 
  • Lead RFP processes for solicitation, decision, and negotiation

Gain New Insights

  • Identify new cost-effective services and providers 
  • Find new ways to save across high-value contracts 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your IT spend 

The Tangoe Difference


in IT spending


in savings delivered


contracts negotiated


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USA manufacturer


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Free Benchmark Analysis:
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See how much you’re overspending on that contract and how much you stand to gain. Walk away knowing how your current mobile or telecom spending differs from market-leading prices and how much money you could save by switching providers or renegotiating.