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One Platform for Managing SaaS Applications & Licenses

It’s estimated that +50% of SaaS expenses go to Shadow IT, 29% of SaaS licenses go unused, and organizations typically have 10-20 times more applications in use than originally approved by IT. Without oversight and a SaaS management tool, SaaS applications can generate security risk, waste, and overspending.

Get complete SaaS management in a single, AI-powered platform with Tangoe One Cloud for SaaS. Utilizing the FinOps framework, Tangoe One Cloud for SaaS helps you manage it all. From Shadow IT discovery to procurement, payment, and licensing, all your applications are easily managed across your enterprise.

Direct Integrations with 550+ SaaS Apps

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SaaS Management Platform Features

Unique SaaS Insights
  • Gain Wide SaaS Visibility: With 550+ pre-built API integrations and additional integrations with +225K SaaS and custom apps, you get a clearer view on known and unknown software and spending.
  • Define Your SaaS Spending: Expose expenses outside the IT department and see the dollars spent on apps purchased via personal employee credit cards.
  • Reveal Users and Usage Data: SaaS usage details reveal last user login, power users, unused licenses and any apps that have no identified owner.
  • Expose SaaS Ownership: Categories show if apps are centrally managed by the business, managed by a specific team, as well as unmanaged or restricted by security or corporate policy.
  • Get Deep Analytics for 365: A single Microsoft 365® license gives users access to many tools or sub-products, and no one comes close to Tangoe’s usage analytics for 365 -- See why
Security & Shadow IT
  • Simplify Multi-Source Discovery: Tangoe uses five different ways to uncover sanctioned and unsanctioned apps, so you can intelligently hone Shadow IT and cost optimization efforts.
  • Get Threat Intelligence: SaaS security insights include app threat and risk levels, number of users, the types of compliance standards each app meets.
  • See Security & Costs in One View: Tangoe makes it easy to tackle SaaS security, license management, and cost optimization in one cohesive motion with insights in one place.
License Management
  • Simplify On/Off-Boarding: Make employee app management easy -- Tangoe offers some of the most advanced license management tools in the industry.
  • Standardize Management: Customizable playbooks offer no-code automation with 1,000 automated actions, so it’s fast and easy to administer licenses based on business and security rules.
  • Enhance Security: Ensure every new employee gets the right license and the right level of access while employees leaving the company are securely and automatically de-provisioned from all apps.
  • Get Feedback Loops: Administrators can get feedback on the right apps for each employee based on the employee’s department and role.
Expense Management
  • Make Informed Purchasing Decisions: Leverage the contextual intelligence of your historical and current SaaS usage data with granular insight into users and their usage habits and frequency.
  • Manage SaaS Contracts: Know which subscriptions and contracts are set to auto-renew and get proactive renewal notifications with the benchmark data you need to intelligently renegotiate rates and terms.
  • Handle SaaS Invoices: Tangoe takes on day-to-day invoice management, capturing and processing bills but also reconciling invoices, validating costs, pinpointing errors, and paying bills.
  • Charge SaaS Expenses Back to the Business: Customizable cost allocation capabilities allow you to bill internal departments and lines of business for their SaaS licenses and SaaS service usage.
  • Manage Your Budget: Tangoe monitors SaaS spending against your IT budget, setting spending thresholds and alerts to proactively notify of cost overruns.
  • Enhance Productivity: From custom financial reports to AI-powered automation and financial management workflows, Tangoe drives financial efficiency and cost optimization simultaneously.
Cost Optimization
  • Identify SaaS Waste: Recognize redundant applications, pinpoint unused and underutilized licenses, and leverage usage data to make smarter decisions about costly license upgrades
  • Reduce Redundant Apps: Avoid costs via consolidation using insights that help you analyze which applications are unnecessary and offer similar features.
  • Get Savings Recommendations: See a list of SaaS vendors offering cost-saving alternatives – Tangoe can slash SaaS costs by 30% or more.

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