Cloud Optimization

Manage Your Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds

Control Costs and Reduce Waste with Cloud Optimization

Research from Forrester shows 85% of companies have both public and private cloud architectures. But hybrid clouds can mean more to manage. How do you reduce waste in IaaS environments while also gaining clarity into the fully loaded cost of private clouds? Staying on top of cloud finances requires monitoring spending, allocating costs, and governing utilization.  

When you need to know what clouds you have, how you’re using them, and which cloud strategy is more cost effective, turn to Tangoe, the trusted leader in cloud expense management. Innovation thrives when business leaders have transparency into their entire cloud estate, and Tangoe is the frontrunner in multi-cloud visibility with AI tools to control spending across multiple cloud service providers. 

Enhance Visibility

  • Reveal the all-in costs of your private clouds
  • Gain observability over IaaS costs and asset usage
  • See your total spending across multiple providers

Optimize Your Spend

  • Manage public/private clouds and SaaS in one place
  • Set thresholds and alerts to control spending
  • Allocate cloud costs using your financial rules

Uncover Savings

  • Leverage AI analytics to find new ways to save 
  • Reveal duplicate apps and unused resources 
  • Forecast usage and track your savings progress 

Simplify Management

  • Automate invoice processing and cost allocations 
  • Streamline the management of application licenses 
  • Get guidance for tagging, pausing, and discounts 

What Clients Say about Tangoe

“In the past, it would take 2 people over 47 hours to review, consolidate, and rationalize our Microsoft Azure invoices. With Tangoe, we get the insight we need in less than 15 minutes.”

IT Director at a manufacturing company

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Get an IaaS Assessment

Let cost optimization consultants review your cloud architecture, showing you how to optimize your hybrid environment. You’ll walk away with:

  • A breakdown of services, spending, unit costs, and discounts in use
  • Analysis of usage, waste, and opportunities for optimization
  • Cost-saving recommendations prioritized by how much you can save