Data Visualizations Meet Consolidated Insights

Turn Your Data into Financial Intelligence

Data is the cornerstone of smart decision-making, but the challenge lies in consolidating disparate information into meaningful business intelligence. This is where Tangoe comes in, unifying data into a usable structure to elevate insights, sharpen financial management, and enable FinOps programs.

Tangoe One Analytics is an AI-powered data visualization tool that first synthesizes telecom, mobile, and cloud information then applies machine learning and advanced analytics to simplify financial reporting, IT budget management, and cost optimization. This way executives can see the big picture to make informed financial decisions, while managers get a centralized inventory of services and costs with the ability to build custom data cuts for each unique stakeholder or department.


Planning for future expenditures is simple with data-driven foresight built on historical data and current spending trends.


A complete inventory of all IT assets and costs enables accurate, granular reporting with filters to drill down on details you need.


One consolidated view into services and spending by department, location, or project allows you to quickly identify opportunities to save.


Thresholds proactively notify stakeholders of cost overruns while spending comparison charts offer contextual intelligence.

Top 5 Questions Tangoe One Analytics Answers


What are my expenses and liabilities in this department/geography?


Which vendors do I do the most business with?


Where do I have opportunities to optimize costs and service utilization?


Is my asset inventory in line with my strategic goals?


Did a specific invoice get received/approved/paid on time?
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