Bill Pay

Invoices Paid On Time, Every Time

Invoice Management Improves Performance

Did you know that companies typically take 3 weeks to pay their invoices? Tangoe can help you realize a world where you don’t have to evaluate, track, and pay multiple invoices.  

Tangoe Bill Pay services take on the responsibility of reviewing all your global invoices, disputing overcharges, and ensuring payments are correctly allocated and paid on time, every time. Plus, Tangoe’s AI engine processes invoices in less than 10 seconds. Bill Pay is simple to add to any Tangoe solution, helping you minimize late fees and service disruptions and deliver financial productivity and efficiency gains. 

Eliminate Late Fees

  • Avoid unnecessary spending and administrative burdens
  • Ensure positive credit scores, financial terms, and vendor relationships
  • Reduce cost overruns and protect financial performance

Pay One Invoice

  • Streamline accounting processes with just one invoice to pay
  • Reduce administrative work while driving cost savings
  • Minimize the risk of errors and sharpen financial accuracy

Zero Downtime

  • Protect business continuity by ensuring uninterrupted services 
  • Maximize operational productivity and financial efficiency 
  • Eliminate potential harm to brand reputation and customer satisfaction 

The End of Late Fees:
The Experian Story

See how the leading consumer credit agency simplified hundreds of monthly invoices to eliminate late payments, accelerate productivity, and capture $8,000 in annual savings.