Experian Eliminates Late Payments & Captures Savings

Experian Eliminates Late Payments & Captures Savings

The Challenge

Experian, a consumer credit reporting agency, collects information on more than one billion
people and is one of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies and major credit bureaus.
This organization supports clients in more than 80 countries across many different markets, including financial services, direct-to-consumer, retail, telecommunications, automotive, and more.

With hundreds of monthly invoices to manage and payments to process, Experian’s finance
department found it difficult to control and optimize its enterprise technology management (ETM) program’s underlying costs. Experian is focused on securing the data of both consumers and businesses while simultaneously providing accurate reports. With billions of daily data transactions, it’s not uncommon for vendor payments to be paid late, misapplied, or even forgotten.


in Annual Savings

Identify cost savings at every level


Invoices to

One Bill

Centralized, automated payments

The End of

Late Fees

All bills paid accurately
and on time

The Solution

In order to optimize their processes, Experian selected Tangoe Pay to ensure the most cost-effective
and efficient payment method is always used. Invoices are paid on time, in the correct amounts, and to the right accounts. This puts an end to late fees or disrupted services. In addition
to avoiding these consequences, Experian was able to leverage Tangoe Pay to uncover $8,000
in annual savings.

Experian Eliminates Late Payments & Captures Savings

Cost Effective & Efficient

AI + machine learning ensure accuracy

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Zero Downtime

End unexpected service interruptions

Experian Eliminates Late Payments & Captures Savings

Your Money Your Way

Invoice control for approval and release


The Outcome

Now that the full invoice and payment experience is optimized and driving a simplified process, Experian can focus on the business instead of monotonous, repetitive, and often overwhelming task lists. All of its bills are paid accurately through Tangoe Pay’s centralized platform, ensuring streamlined efficiency. Experian has realized both peace of mind knowing it will never have another service interruption or pay another late fee, but also financial and time savings thanks to Tangoe. Experian has realized both financial savings and peace of mind thanks to Tangoe. They will never have to experience a service interruption or pay another late fee again