Right-Size Your IT Assets

Cost Optimization:
Drive Spending Down and Value Up

Did you know that 80% of CEOs are investing in more technology despite the fact that their IT leaders struggle to deliver adequate returns on prior tech investments? Digital innovation spurs a quandary that only cost optimization practices can solve. But getting IT financial management right isn’t easy. Maximizing business value requires continuous discipline to reduce waste and lower costs.

When it comes to optimizing your cloud, mobile, and telecom technologies turn to Tangoe, the 20-year pioneer in IT expense management. We start by performing an audit of your current technology landscape to create an accurate inventory which is foundational. Next, we automate all processes from getting competitive service quotes to placing and managing orders to reviewing expenses and paying invoices. Through a single portal, you have the visibility and analytics to consistently optimize your costs.

Gain Unparalleled Visibility

  • Centrally manage IT assets using an accurate inventory
  • Expose fully loaded cloud, mobile, and telecom costs
  • See your total IT spending with granular insight

Optimize Costs in Real Time

  • Automate invoice processing to find errors and credits due
  • Use pricing intelligence and usage data during negotiations
  • Evaluate tech ROI and the effectiveness of your IT spend

Accelerate Savings

  • Use AI analytics to reveal IT waste and new ways to save
  • Sharpen cost optimization with custom financial reports
  • Track your savings progress and forecast with accuracy

Holistically Govern Spending

  • Avoid late fees by ensuring bills are paid on time
  • Set thresholds and alerts to govern spending proactively
  • Control employee service orders and get quotes easily

Real Results from Tangoe Cost Optimization Projects


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Common Sources of IT Overspending

Let financial management experts show you the primary culprits behind IT waste and budget overruns. In managing $34B in IT spending, Tangoe gives you key takeaways from hundreds of cost-reduction projects.

You’ll walk away with: 

  • 15+ money-saving tips for IT, finance, and procurement
  • Ways to control cloud, mobile, and telecom expenditures
  • Pricing trends helping you make smarter purchases

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