Telecom Expense Management

Tangoe Fixed is a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution that allows enterprises to manage all telecommunications services and expenses in one place.


Unify programs and plans.

Leverage centralized inventory, location, and vendor data to plan your telecom programs. Track inventory and spend by service type and location to monitor program progress.


Understand and optimize telecom service expenses.

Achieve more with your carrier through capabilities that make your telecom vendor performance and carrier contract compliance easy to monitor.


Manage all your telecom assets.

Control telecom by framing fixed asset visibility in the context of your business. Centralize your assets to make management transparent and understandable. Link your telecom assets to employees, locations, and cost allocations.


Connect your telecom systems and data.

Connect your systems with any vendor. Leverage a variety of authentication options. Expand your enterprise technology experience through integration to your internals systems.


Connect and streamline fixed management.

Accelerate invoice collection, normalization, and processing. Enable end-to-end, no-touch invoice processing to eliminate errors caused by manual processing. Automate electronic invoice validation before payment.

Using Automation to Add Value

How can AI, RPA, and automation improve your technology management?

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Discover and visualize progress and issues.

Accelerate your business strategy and deliver analytics to key stakeholders through precise, real-time data. Make more informed decisions through reporting, usage trends, and spend analytics.


Establish and automate business processes.

Automate your invoice reviews using configurable business rules, asset inventories, and available rate data. Manage invoice approvals to align with your organization and business rules.

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