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Smart Investments Start with Insider Intelligence

When digital innovation is at stake, decisions shouldn’t be made in a vacuum. Tap into the knowledge of Tangoe’s technology consultants who have years of experience helping enterprises save money, implement new technologies, and support key IT initiatives.

Tangoe’s Advisory Services (TAS) team manages the largest database of technology spending and provides price benchmarking for IT services anywhere in the world. With help from Tangoe, you have the expertise to negotiate the best contract for your business.

Optimize Services

Need to take stock of your IT services? Advisors show you how effectively you’re using technologies, offering actionable recommendations.

Cost Savings

Are your services priced correctly? Let cost management consultants benchmark your services and negotiate the right deal for you.

Digital Transformation

Need help evaluating and implementing new technologies? Lean on our advisors to assess, recommend, and project manage your innovation.

Meet Our Tangoe Advisory Services Team

Need help with your key IT initiatives? Our consultants manage the largest database of technology spending and price benchmarking data.

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Technology Consulting Services

Cost Savings Assessment

Benchmark Your Costs Against Market Price Indexes

Want to ensure you're not overpaying on IT services? When contracts are up for renewal, procurement leaders need to be armed with market price intelligence. Do you know what the going rates are for telecom and mobile services?

Be prepared for your next contract negotiations with $34B in IT spending insights tracked across hundreds of global providers and thousands of enterprises. Show Tangoe your current contracts, and we'll show you how much money you could save based on market-leading pricing from a myriad of providers.

What You Get
  • Complete benchmark analysis, comparing your current costs against prevailing market rates.
  • Thorough evaluation of your current providers, services, and associated costs.
  • Savings opportunities and negotiation insights - the dollar value gained by switching providers.

Why You'll Love It
  • Cost Savings: Insight into current market pricing to ensure competitive rates and contract terms.
  • Negotiating Power: The advantages of benchmarking and the confidence of not overpaying.
  • Visibility: A holistic view of current mobile and telecom services and their associated costs.
Audit & Optimize Services

Savings and Efficiency Recommendations

Looking for ways to shore up your spending and ensure IT services are delivering the most business value? Would leveraging a third party to identify savings opportunities and waste across your telecom and mobile services be beneficial?

Tangoe can audit your contracts, service usage, and spending to uncover new ways to save. Let experts evaluate your invoices to identify overcharges, billing errors, and credits due. In addition to handling any disputes and claims, Tangoe will uncover any unused services to reduce waste. Taking a holistic approach, our consultants use proven discovery techniques and patented technologies to maximize savings.

What You Get
  • Comprehensive service review with tangible ways to optimize usage and cut costs.
  • Savings analysis comparing current invoices against contracted rates, plans, and terms.
  • A prioritized plan with specific actions to capitalize on identified savings opportunities.

Why You'll Love It
  • Cost Savings: Reduce overcharges and eliminate unused assets to reduce spending.
  • Visibility: Overarching views of mobile and telecom costs and contractual commitments.
  • Productivity: Tangoe finds the savings and acts on them - so you don't have to.
Contract Negotiations

Get the Best Rates and Terms

Do you have the latest market pricing and terms to negotiate the best deal? Would a third-party negotiator save you time and provide better results on your telecom and mobile contracts?

Tangoe has a team of highly experienced negotiators who cut deals on 400+ contracts annually and leverage $34B in technology spending intelligence to drive to the lowest price possible. Why not leverage our insights to your advantage, so your team can stay focused on innovation and operations?

What You Get
  • Expert negotiators and in-depth market data to get you the most competitive prices.
  • Expertise on virtually all global technology providers to leverage at the negotiating table.
  • Flexibility to handle negotiations yourself, or let Tangoe, or let us run an RFP for you.

Why You'll Love It
  • Optimized Agreements: Market-leading pricing, service rates, and contract terms.
  • Productivity: We take on the negotiations, so you can focus on your business.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you're maximizing your IT spend and getting a fair deal.
Inventory Services

Build a Catalog of Your Telecom and Mobile Assets

With sprawling technologies and today's pace of change, it's easy to lose track of telecom circuits and mobile devices. Are you confident you have an up-to-date inventory of every device, service, user or location, cost, and associated contract?

Tangoe will take on the tedious yet critical task of building a complete database of your mobile devices and fixed wireline telecom services. We work on your behalf to collect all invoices and contracts and then create actionable insights to help you save money, reduce waste, and drive efficiencies in financial management. Having an accurate inventory is the primary way IT teams can mitigate overspending. Let Tangoe - the company building more than 750,000 inventory records every year - champion this for you.

What You Get
  • Centralized database of telecom circuits, mobile devices, and associated services.
  • Tracked details: vendors, assets, users, locations, invoices, costs, contracts, and more.
  • Administrative support, one source of truth, and actionable insights to drive efficiency.

Why You'll Love It
  • Time Saved: With Tangoe, you won't lose weeks of productivity compiling data.
  • Speed & Accuracy: Integrations ensure data accuracy and automation speed buildouts.
  • Quantified Savings: Prioritized action items show you the value of each recommendation.
Staff Augmentation

Multiply Your IT Staff

Don't have enough staff to get all your IT projects done? Whether you need a helping hand for a short-term project or the long haul, Tangoe has a team of experienced IT leaders delivering strategic and tactical support for virtually any IT need.

We help clients with a myriad of initiatives from system integrations and SD-WAN solution design and project management to technology migrations and deploying services in new markets - plus so much more. You'll get the expertise you need to mitigate security risk, protect business continuity, and ensure seamless technology transitions.

What You Get
  • IT experts who have deep domain expertise to support virtually any project in any way.
  • Insights and best practices from leaders in cloud, mobile, and telecom technologies.
  • Simple ways to fill your skills gap and expand the reach of your existing IT team.

Why You'll Love It
  • Momentum: Accelerate your time to project completion and recognize benefits sooner.
  • Efficiency: Save time, keeping your IT team focused on the most strategic initiatives.
  • Results: Experts to handle day-to-day administration with urgency and precision.
Digital Transformation

Innovate Using Emerging Technologies

Every IT team is on the frontlines of large digital transformation projects. Need help upgrading your network or migrating to new technologies?

Tangoe can turn your vision into a reality, not just designing solutions and identifying the best go-forward technologies but also assisting in the transition. ITIL-certified project managers will ensure every detail is addressed in the order that it must be done. Let us take on as much or as little of your technology shift and lean on us throughout your transformation project.

What You Get
  • A team of IT experts to assist digital transformation projects in any capacity you define.
  • Strategic and tactical support to assess, evaluate, or project manage technology shifts.
  • Proven methodologies and plans to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Why You'll Love It
  • Time Saved: Let experts manage the day-to-day, so you can focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Less Downtime: Minimize service disruption while migrating to new services.
  • Security: Address security and lower risk during technology transitions.
M&A or Divestures

Transitions Made Simple

M&A and divestitures require mass consolidation projects and reconciliation activities. Need help with these logistics? Want an objective third party to assist in due diligence, cost justifications, or simply mitigate the risk of your go-forward IT network infrastructure?

Tangoe is versed in swiftly and effectively consolidating telecom and mobile assets and the financial management of them. We can do everything from creating a baseline inventory and recommending future state solutions to negotiating go-forward agreements and project managing enterprise-level changes. Our experience spans supporting some of the largest M&A activities to consulting mid-size enterprises.

What You Get
  • Experts in go-forward telecom networks and mobile fleets - from design to implementation.
  • Comprehensive asset auditing, recommended future states, and swift, seamless transitions.
  • Contract negotiations, RFPs, and procurement support for any changes in service.

Why You'll Love It
  • Time Saved: Let experts manage M&A logistics, so you can focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Objectivity: Third-party analysis of future-state telecom networks and mobile environments.
  • Results: Staff augmentation services handle changes and smooth service transitions.

Advisory Services for Tangoe One

  • Mobile Advisory Services


    A team of mobile and IoT experts offer services to maximize your mobility programs and ensure you have the right risk profile and optimized spend.

  • Cloud Advisory Services


    Cloud consultants can rapidly gain full visibility into your infrastructure services, helping you find ways to optimize your capacity and costs.

  • Telecom Advisory Services


    Tap into experts to advance innovation strategies, deploy new technologies, address risk and lower your telecom costs.

Top 3 Ways We Save You Money


Revisit Network, Telecom Contracts

MPLS, internet, SIP, and UCaaS costs are at market lows, and Tangoe’s negotiation artists can champion your RFP processes and service contracts.


Realign Mobile Services with New Business Models

Unnecessary spending occurs when calling plans and mobile devices are misaligned to travel policies, new business locations, and remote workers. Rightsize with Tangoe.


Create an Accurate Inventory

You can’t realize savings unless you have a clear view of your currrent assets. Let Tangoe take on that work for you.