Tangoe Advisory Services

How We’re Rebuilding the Customer Experience in 2022

Tangoe Advisory Services

Our world-renowned global Advisory Services team leverages decades of unmatched industry experience, intellectual property, and benchmark data to deliver industry leading service provider agreements, cost savings, and expense management best practices. You’ll receive tailored sourcing, auditing, and consulting engagements that result in measurable impact to your business. The Tangoe Advisory team helps businesses of all sizes address risk, advance innovative, deploy technology-driven strategies, and save on technology costs.


What can Tangoe Advisory Services do for you?

We help IT, procurement, and finance teams navigate the evolving technology landscape to maximize investments and realize key business objectives. From strategy through to execution, our consultants work with you to align goals, choose the right technology, negotiate the best deals, and maximize ROI for every initiative. Last year, the advisory team saved over $250M for the clients they partnered with.



Simplify and streamline your technology expense management processes by allowing us to assess your current state vendors, services, and inventory to give you full visibility into the latest technology and service options available.



Our advisors will help you manage your technology stack with certainty, acting as an extension of your team to deliver tangible, results you can act on immediately. Whether you need to unify systems as part of an M&A or you’re undergoing a network transformation, adding services, or migrating inventory, we’ve got you covered.



Optimize your resources, spend, IT infrastructure, and services with strategically and financially sound recommendations based on in-depth historical auditing and an extensive database of current benchmarking information. We’ll help you scale, right-size, and digitally transform your business to drive innovation and growth in order to stay competitive.

Do More. Save More. Worry Less.


Benchmarking, direct global service provider contract negotiations, multi-carrier/multi-service RFP management, and ROI & data analytics deliver operating cost reduction, greater flexibility and minimized risk.


Historical audit, service optimization, fit-for-purpose inventory, staff augmentation, and data discovery.


Customized engagements leveraging global expertise and support, infrastructure baseline and cost modeling, and guidance on vendor solutions. Network transformation projects including merger, acquisition and divestitures, cloud discovery, and optimization support