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Research from shows the vast majority (+50%) of FinOps leaders want to reduce cloud waste, better manage discounts, and forecast spending with higher accuracy. But operationalizing the FinOps framework remains a challenge with 70% reporting difficulty in accounting for cloud spending and 66% citing chargebacks of particular concern.

Your approach can make all the difference, and Tangoe powers FinOps strategies with wide visibility, smart AI automation, and the broadest flexibility in cost management. Tangoe is a premier member of the FinOps Foundation and plays an active role on their governing board. Our AI-powered software offers the broadest ecosystem of integrations which means our cloud expense management and optimization solutions work across four major IaaS providers and 550+ SaaS providers. We are the only solution that also addresses VMware Private Cloud instances delivering a holistic view of spending across hybrid cloud environments with the ability to charge back expenses easily. With Tangoe One Cloud, you realize faster time to savings and insights.

Inform: Gain Visibility

  • Gain visibility into cloud costs and asset usage
  • See your total spending across multiple providers
  • Manage IaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS costs in one place
  • Reveal duplicate apps and unused resources

Optimize: Lower Costs

  • Leverage AI analytics to find ways to save – fast!
  • Streamline the management of application licenses
  • Automate invoice processing and cost allocations
  • Get guidance for tagging, pausing, and discounts

Operate: Enhance Efficiency

  • Set thresholds and alerts to govern spending
  • Allocate cloud costs using your financial rules
  • Act on savings opportunities automatically
  • Forecast usage and track your savings progress

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