Tangoe One Cloud

Tangoe One Cloud

Tangoe One Cloud is an end-to-end solution that provides expense and asset management in one single platform for public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), private cloud infrastructure, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

This includes the management of your asset inventory, invoices, expenses, contracts, service usage, and SaaS licenses. Powerful automation drives efficiency in financial management and identifies instant cost savings opportunities.

When it’s time to put your FinOps strategies into action, Tangoe offers the widest cloud visibility, the smartest AI platform, and the broadest choice and flexibility in cost management. With more than 20 years of experience in technology expense management, we save companies up to 40% on their cloud costs. Start your Proof of Concept today!

20+ Years of experience in technology expense management

Why Tangoe One Cloud?

Widest Visibility into the Cloud:

Tangoe offers the industry’s most extensive array of pre-built API integrations, fostering a vast ecosystem of partners that facilitate broader data ingestion for a clearer perspective on software and infrastructure services.

  • Multi-cloud IaaS solution supports four major cloud service providers
  • Direct SaaS integrations with 550+ apps and support for +225K other apps
  • Shadow IT discovery includes a 5-step process for multi-source data gathering
  • No one comes close to Tangoe’s deep user analytics for Microsoft 365®

Smartest AI Platform Powering FinOps:

AI automation and patented capabilities expedite cloud financial management workflows to yield quicker insights and faster savings.

  • Advanced analytics pinpoint waste and leverage +1M IaaS pricing schemas to deliver cost-savings recommendations
  • 13 AI patented tools determine your most cost-effective cloud consumption models while 50+ other patented capabilities speed expense management
  • Automated implementation features act on cost savings recommendations in near real time for faster results
  • No-code automation offers 1,000 actions to streamline SaaS license management
  • Hyper-automation spans an array of workflows for IT, finance, and procurement teams

Broadest Choice and Flexibility in Cloud Cost Management:

More than just cost-cutting, you can streamline cloud financial management with one centralized solution serving both IT and finance.

  • One platform optimizes your IaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS resources
  • Customizable solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of both IT and finance teams
  • Professional services, managed services, and technology consultants deliver broad flexibility in solution management and support

Savings that Go beyond the Cloud:

When you’re ready to simplify, manage, and optimize more than just your cloud estate, Tangoe seamlessly scales cost optimization for your mobile devices and telecom services, taking your savings further.

FinOps Foundation

Tangoe is a Premier member of the FinOps Foundation, a validation of our cloud expense management excellence for enterprises of all sizes.

What does Tangoe One Cloud do for you?

You get one FinOps platform to simplify manage, optimize, and secure your multi-cloud environment, including private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure, as well as SaaS and UCaaS licenses. It’s a single source of truth to show you what you have, what you need, and how to make better use of your resources. This way, you can avoid wasteful spending, prevent Shadow IT, and allocate assets and costs with certainty.


Simplify FinOps and cloud management using a vast array of integrations to evaluate cloud usage and waste. Eliminate manual tasks and use automated workflows to link all cloud costs to their appropriate users, departments, and cost centers.


Optimize your cloud spend and resources by getting instant, automated cost-savings recommendations that will help you scale or right-size your IaaS, SaaS, and private cloud services to get the most value from your entire cloud ecosystem.


Prevent shadow IT and secure your cloud estate with strict governance protocols that strengthen compliance and security. Protect your intellectual properties while you eliminate overspending. Controls are based on government regulations, security frameworks, and industry best practices.


Manage cloud resources efficiently with customized reporting, analytics, and daily alerts to help you proactively prevent cost overruns, identify trends, and forecast future needs. Gain complete visibility and control to drive efficiency, cost savings, predictability, and innovation for your business.

Ensure your cloud ecosystem reaches its full potential and maximizes value for your business.


Simplify, manage, optimize, and secure your entire SaaS stack in one platform with an end-to-end solution. Get all the tools you need to eliminate shadow IT, avoid duplicate apps and wasteful spending, quickly on- and off-board employees, and more. Gain visibility and control over SaaS expenses, assets and usage to drive financial and operational efficiencies. Uncover insights that will help you and your team make strategic business decisions.


Manage, track and analyze all cloud infrastructure expenses, assets, and usage in one easy-to-navigate application. Unleash the power of AI for optimization recommendations that reveal instant cost savings based on over 1 million different pricing schemas. Schedule service pausing and allocate costs and chargebacks tagged to the right cost center.

Private Cloud

Available for VMware® private cloud instances, Tangoe integrates with vCenter® to capture cost data and pulls together all the ancillary charges of your private cloud – from hardware and software to virtual network and physical server costs to power and storage costs. With a holistic view of your total cost of ownership, you’ll have the insight you need to scale and right-size your private cloud investments.


Need to see how communications tools are used and where your charges are coming from? Get unmatched call detail records, usage reporting and analytics for improved cost management. Tangoe can help you track and monitor spending, fraud, and abuse. With automated invoice and expense management processes, it’s easy to identify usage discrepancies and validate charges to drive transparency, accountability and financial integrity.

Governance: Alerts & Monitoring

Proactively control costs with real-time notifications based on usage data or spend threshold overages. Daily alerts and continuous monitoring identify unauthorized or risky applications that may need to be blocked or removed. Permission-based settings ensure the right people access the right information.

Optimization: Reporting & Analytics

Drill down into every spending detail with advanced, real-time, on-demand and customized reporting for authorized users. Gain full visibility into your cloud ecosystem in one platform so that you can get as granular or high-level data as necessary. Create customized reports for each project, department, and stakeholder, making FinOps collaboration simple.