SaaS Optimization

Improve SaaS Visibility, Security, Spend

Optimize Your SaaS Applications

When IT is unaware of +50% of applications in use and most subscriptions are set to auto-renew, 82% of companies need to cut costs by addressing software as a service. But Shadow IT and scattered information make it hard to optimize SaaS applications — not to mention the average enterprise has over 300 SaaS applications in place across the business. Leaders must gain visibility into applications and owners, identifying duplicate tools, unused licenses, subscription cycles, and high-risk apps.

Tangoe’s AI-powered solutions provide one portal to manage all your SaaS applications. With a holistic view of all apps in use, you’ll get the insights and analytics you need to optimize spend and streamline license management. When Gartner says more than 30% of SaaS spend goes to waste, Tangoe Cloud Expense Management ensures you have clear visibility for stronger cloud security while paying only for the software you need.

Accelerate Savings

Expose all applications in use, so you can consolidate redundant tools to lower spending and improve utilization by reallocating unused and underused licenses.

Streamline Management

Track licenses, users, and usage patterns to make data-driven purchasing decisions with insight into business-critical tools, expenses, budget overruns, and cost allocations.

Improve Security

Gain threat intelligence, understanding application risk, the number of users, and how each app meets compliance standards, so you can accurately track vendors accessing corporate data.

Enhance Productivity

Free IT of the day-to-day license management, using automation to simplify employee onboarding and off boarding, including SaaS assignments, reallocations, and security access.

Why Trust Tangoe for SaaS Optimization?


Wide SaaS Discovery

Get five ways to uncover sanctioned and unsanctioned apps and the highest number of direct SaaS integrations in the industry.


Unparalleled User Analytics

No one comes close to Tangoe’s Microsoft 365 user analytics. Expose elusive usage data in this tiered app environment.


Hyper-Automated License Management

Leverage Tangoe’s no-code playbooks with 1,000 automated actions or use your business rules to drive automation.  


30% SaaS Savings

Lower your costs with a list of recommended SaaS vendors – Tangoe has a track record of slashing SaaS spending by at least 30%.  

Cloud Management for Your Team

What can cloud expense management do for IT, finance, and procurement teams? Let us show you.


An Efficient and Cost‑Effective Cloud


Ground Your Cloud Costs


Cloud Sourcing Made Easy

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Let the Pros Evaluate Your SaaS Optimization Program

Nothing about software is idle. SaaS optimization requires constant evaluation to ensure companies aren’t overprovisioning tools, wasting licenses they already own, and missing out on opportunities to save money and drive efficiency. Want a team of experts to review your SaaS situation? Call on Tangoe for a consultation and executive briefing on industry best practices.