Cloud Expense Management

Tangoe Cloud is a Cloud Expense Management (CEM) solution that empowers enterprises to centralize, comprehend, and control their complex cloud environments.


Review and analyze your monthly IaaS spend.

Uncover cost savings opportunities and implement optimal pricing models through quarterly cloud capacity and spend reports to eliminate overestimates and waste.


View all your cloud expenses in one place.

Implement best practices to identify and categorize expenses for accurate cost allocation capabilities, total cost of ownership, and showback reporting. Gain visibility into your cloud spend across multiple vendors for increased control and reduced costs.


Manage your cloud asset resources.

Link instance identifiers to employees, cost centers, business units, and locations for improved visibility and accountability.


Connect your cloud solution to internal software systems.

Leverage various authentication integration options for single sign-on including LDAP, AD, and SAML. Take advantage of custom integrations to enhance your own ordering and inventory systems.


Comprehend your cloud technology.

Introduce clear dashboards and reporting so you know who is using which technologies and how often. Easily leverage data for spend forecasting and trend analysis to support your business objectives.

Data Helps Drive Business Innovation

To get enterprise technology projects off the ground, you need information.

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Execute customized, scalable, and proven business processes.

Implement cloud best practices and asset governance that improves program management, visibility, and cost allocation accuracy. Automate invoice approval processes to align with your organization’s hierarchy and business rules.

Drive Digital Transformation with Cloud

Cloud technology is the IT infrastructure organizations still strive to master.

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