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Manage & Optimize Cloud Services

Cloud usage among organizations of all sizes is growing rapidly, which explains why companies overspend on cloud by as much as 70%, according to Gartner. When IT, finance, and procurement leaders need a tool for visibility and savings across multiple cloud providers, Tangoe’s Cloud Expense Management (CEM) platform, Tangoe One Cloud has the tools they need. Our platform offers transparency into service usage and consumption by utilizing the FinOps Framework with an AI-powered platform that drives costs down and efficiency up.

Tangoe One Cloud helps businesses of all sizes simplify, manage, and optimize their cloud costs in a single platform designed to address SaaS, UCaaS, IaaS and private cloud environments collectively. You’ll have the insight you need to scale and right-size cloud investments, so you can get the most value out of your digital innovation strategy.


Streamline financial management in a single platform that integrates with all major infrastructure providers and a growing ecosystem of 550+ applications.


Advanced analytics, customizable alerts, and cost allocation tools make it easy to govern costs and constantly stay on top of savings opportunities.


Automation reveals duplicate apps, unused licenses, and infrastructure waste, giving you insights and actions to ensure maximum use of all resources.

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All-In-One Cloud Expense Management Platform

Usage Management

Understand how efficiently each cloud service is used and get sweeping insights with a single view of consumption across multiple providers.

Enhance Visibility: Real-time, granular application and infrastructure usage tracking facilitates deep investigation, spending validation, and cost optimization.

Enhance Security: Immediately identify unsanctioned applications and Shadow IT threat levels so you can take action to protect your business.

Identify IaaS Waste: Discover unused or misused resources, get tagging guidance, see the most cost-effective configurations, and know when to use service pausing features and long-term discounts.

Identify SaaS Waste: Recognize redundant applications, pinpoint unused and underutilized licenses, and leverage user data to make informed decisions about costly license upgrades.

Automate Licensing: Streamline on/offboarding with automated workflows to assign and reallocate app licenses when employees enter and exit the company.

Improve Forecasting: Use advanced analytics to improve resource planning based upon your existing usage data and business needs.

Cost Governance

Put protective parameters in place to control costs and customize alerts to notify users of overspending.

Monitor Expenses: Real-time monitoring capabilities keep watch over service utilization, making it easy to track and observe network traffic, patterns of resource waste, pricing trends, as well as any sudden spikes in service usage.

Compare Budget-to-Actuals: Upload your financial budget and use it to compare your actual daily costs against your projected spending – one platform makes it easy to analyze budget-to-actual variances across multiple cloud service providers.

Control Costs: Design and customize your own business rules that establish thresholds for service usage and spending limits to curb cloud costs and unwanted surprises.

Alert to Overspending: Customizable business rules trigger alerts to notify you when spending or service usage exceeds a set threshold.

Standardize Governance: One system manages spending alerts across all IaaS service providers creating a fast, uniform approach to manage your multi-cloud environment.

Invoice Management

Let Tangoe automate and manage your invoices, so you don't have to.

Automate Processing: AI automates invoice capture and processing while also linking invoices to their associated contracts and service usage data.

Streamline Verification: Use patented technologies to compare charges against contracts and service usage, validating spending and detecting billing errors.

Centralize Invoicing: AP/GL file integrations and customized business rules streamline cost allocation processes for all cloud costs across all cost centers.

Accelerate Administration: Automation speeds approvals and investigations into billing anomalies while also managing disputes and credit tracking across providers.

Enhance Decision-Making: Modern reporting features offer at-a-glance data visualizations and flexible ways to drill down to the data you need.

Optimization and Savings

Only pay for what you need, use, and agree to. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Cut Costs: Get cost-saving recommendations and actionable insights showing you how to save money and where to better match resources to business needs.

Implement Insights: Tangoe acts on cost savings intelligence, handling invoice corrections, managing vendor disputes, and automating service modifications.

Maximize Value: Evaluate cloud spending and service utilization together to confirm there is sufficient recognized value from the investment made.

Get Support: Cost management consultants audit your assets, use market price indexes to analyze overspending, manage RFPs, and negotiate your contracts.

Tangoe One Cloud Capabilities


Mitigate shadow IT and optimize license usage with AI-powered tools and advanced analytics.


Maximize your communication investments with granular call detail records and usage insights.


Gain full visibility and control over your multi-cloud environment to govern public cloud spending.


Get a holistic view of all your private cloud expenses and allocate chargebacks more efficiently.


Customized Bundles To Meet Your Needs

No matter the size or complexity of your business, Tangoe can help ensure your telecom, mobile, and cloud investments deliver maximum value. With one centralized platform, you can organize, analyze, and optimize your IT costs, saving money while reducing the time and effort needed to manage a growing number of providers. Customize your solution today by bundling the services that best meet your needs.

Custom bundles.
Maximum ROI.

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The Tangoe Difference

We pioneered expense management, and our AI-powered solution has the largest technology spend under management, the biggest ecosystem of global integrations, and the service model you need to maximize your savings.


Level Up Your Savings

Don’t make budget and technology decisions alone. Let an IT cost management consultant be your guide.


IT spending

Cut Cloud Costs with Help from Experts

Whether you’re looking to rationalize your Microsoft 365 spending, re-evaluate IaaS configurations or optimize UCaaS tools, Tangoe Advisory Services offers the cloud spending consultants and additional resources you need to make more informed decisions and more efficient investments in digital transformation. Tap into our consultants to:

Evaluate your cloud estate, finding ways to save money while improving performance and security.

Project manage implementations and ease the burden of technology migrations.

Identify new providers and negotiate contracts based on the latest market price indexes.

Control Your Mobile And Telecom Costs Too


Cloud Expense Management.

Maximize savings and efficiencies on IaaS, SaaS and UCaaS.


Managed Mobility Services.

Full mobile fleet lifecycle services to optimize and save.


Telecom Expense Management.

Optimize and save on global fixed services.