Device Buyback & Recycling


Cashback for your Devices & Eco-Friendly Recycling

There’s cash value in your aging devices, and it pays to trade-in and recycle with Tangoe’s Buyback & Recycling through Tangoe One Mobile. Our buyback service provides you with market-leading rates for your hardware, and we recycle utilizing comprehensive end-of-life services that are simple & secure, ensuring your data is removed, compliance is maintained, & environmental impact data is visible & minimized.

Securely Clean Devices

  • NIST-certified data wiping processes
  • Remove all personal and corporate data
  • Feel secure knowing deletion is permanent

Recover Your Business Value

  • Cash for every device at market- leading rates
  • Devices accepted regardless of age/condition
  • Apple® buybacks, warranties, and repair

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Repair and reassign or decommission and recycle
  • Compliant with no-landfill policies, other regulations
  • Environmental impact data is tracked and available

Compliant, Eco-Friendly Recycling

Devices are properly and safely recycled – even if they are exported for refurbishment or recycling. Tangoe’s environmental management includes ISO 14004:2015, R2 certifications, recycling partners certified by device manufacturers, and environmental impact reports.

R2 & ISO

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Streamlined processes include prepaid shipping labels


Reports are available throughout the device journey


End-to-end visibility and control for mobility managers

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