Ensure Your Devices are Always in a Known State with InTune® Integration 

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According to a recent study by IBM, remote workers are commonly the root cause of a data breach.  As the majority of businesses now have a fully remote or hybrid work model, managing mobile devices is of paramount importance, and in particular, ensuring the security of the company’s data and applications. Verizon’s mobile security index found that 75% of companies experienced a ‘major’ mobile-related security compromise in 2022. So, it’s no surprise that there has been a rise in enterprises seeking a cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution to strengthen their security posture. 

Real-Time InTune Integration Ensures Devices are Always in a Known State 

Today, Tangoe is announcing deeper integration with advanced reconciliation logic between Microsoft InTune and our UEM solution. The additional reconciliation capabilities allow for more accurate inventory data, providing a regular update of device information. Ultimately, this integration offers clients a more accurate and easy means to manage their device inventory in real time.    

Businesses evolve daily and situations can change on a dime, so it’s essential to track and update device status information at tighter intervals. Real-time information can make all the difference in understanding the current state of the corporate fleet and identifying any devices considered a security risk or non-compliant. If a data breach occurs, corporate mobility management teams need up-to-the-minute status information to pinpoint devices that should be immediately quarantined. With deeper InTune integration, Tangoe is making it possible for clients to be confident that their devices are always in a known state. 

Advanced Reconciliation Controls for UEM Integrations 

New capabilities allow the reconciliation process itself to be configured, so there is an ability to control and manage the updates to Tangoe One Mobile Inventory. Here’s how it works.

The UEM Inventory is captured and updated directly via the integration, and then the reconciliation process compares the UEM Inventory to the Mobile Inventory. Discrepancies are identified, and new configuration features support the automatic update of the Mobile Inventory, so that both are in sync. Essentially, the UEM data becomes the source of truth. Clients who have automatic updates configured can easily identify newly added devices via new standard reporting capabilities, which provide metrics on new devices added from the syncing process.  

UEM: How Tangoe Strengthens Security for Your Devices 

UEM is a critical security tool. It allows for the configuring, controlling, and monitoring of any device from a single management console in addition to the ability to track, audit and report on endpoints, including their content and applications. It helps protect sensitive company data and applications with conditional user access, automated rules enforcement, compliance guidelines, and data loss safeguards that automatically thwart cybersecurity threats. 

Tangoe’s solution also integrates with other UEM platforms, including VMWare Workspace ONE®, Ivanti Neurons®, and SOTI®, which assures the integrity of device information, making fleet inventory management easy. 

Whether your business employs a BYOD (bring your own device) approach or corporate-liable model, it is increasingly important to have clear visibility into where devices are, what applications are being accessed and that the right security protocols are in place. UEM takes mobile device management to the next level increasing the security posture of your mobile devices and now has real-time data integration with InTune. Plus, clients can ensure accurate cost allocation and reporting across their corporate fleet. 

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