Secure Your Mobile Fleet with Unified Endpoint Management


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Simplify UEM and Reduce Security Risks

As more mission-critical applications and intellectual property become mobile enabled, it becomes increasingly important to protect your wireless endpoint devices against the growing number of threat actors. Take the complexity and guess work out of mobile security with one portal and one consolidated approach for securing your corporate fleet.

Tangoe’s Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) service includes leading mobile security software and upgrades alongside UEM design, support, configuration, policy, and compliance — all in one platform. As a fully managed service, Tangoe implements, migrates, monitors, and administers your mobile security policies using advanced capabilities in real-time device monitoring, mobile content management, mobile application management, containerization, and more.

UEM & MDM Integrations

Leading UEM and Mobile Device Management software is integrated into your Tangoe One Mobile solution to provide centralized security for both corporate-owned and employee-owned devices.

Threat Monitoring & Mitigation

Real-time monitoring protects endpoints from malware and data breaches with the ability to identify security threats, locate, lock, and wipe devices.

Security & Compliance

Ensure security without impacting productivity with the ability to configure device usage and application policies based on individual users and roles.

Data Loss Prevention

Ensure your corporate data is securely managed on devices with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls that encrypt data both at rest and in motion.

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