What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the process of effectively managing a fleet of corporate mobile devices whether they are employee-owned or company-owned. The term can refer to a managed service, a software solution, and a corporate practice typically provided by the IT department. Devices can include everything from smartphones, tablets, and laptops to IoT devices, scanners, and point-of-sale devices. Mobile oversight is critical because devices need complete lifecycle management including procurement, shipping, set up, deployment, and security, as well as reverse logistics and end-of-life care, like wiping (permanently deleting all data from the device), disposal, and recycling.

Implementing enterprise mobile device management can be difficult for any organization. Named a 10-time Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant MMS Global report, our mobile device management software Tangoe One Mobile ensures even the most sprawling global fleets are easily managed and continuously optimized to maximize savings. With the largest mobile fleet under management, Tangoe’s AI-powered software and services empower enterprises of all kinds to improve IT productivity and recognize bottom-line savings like never before.

All companies (that’s right, 100%) say they’re struggling with mobility management. That’s according to a survey from Vanson Bourne which found that IT teams are challenged by mobile procurement, inventory maintenance, as well as help desk support and logistics. When IT teams should be focused on innovation, leveraging AI to advance their business, and other strategic objectives, instead they are focused on administering and maintaining their fleet.  

For this reason, a Mobile Device Management solution like Tangoe One Mobile is essential. It’s proven methodology for simplifying the day-to-day security and oversight of devices across their entire lifecycle.   

A Mobile Device Management software or solutions offer a number of benefits and competitive advantages:

Mobile Security 

The average enterprise accounts for thousands of endpoints, nearly half which present significant security risks. Over 60% of companies say endpoint sprawl is at an all-time high, and 66% agree they don’t have enough resources to effectively minimize endpoint risk.

Mobile Device Management software allows IT teams to apply advanced security policies and controls to every device, plus track compliance status and remotely quarantine or wipe devices if needed. Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software is a critical component of MDM, as it helps standardize security for an entire corporate fleet with centralized endpoint management. For example, Tangoe One Mobile allows enterprises to leverage UEM software as part of their mobile device management program or as a standalone solution.

See how Tangoe helped a leading financial services institution simplify and improve management of over 7,000 mobile devices with UEM and MDM.

IT Productivity

Mobile devices are a must, but IT departments spend over one-third of their time managing them. The ability to centrally control every step of device management from a single platform is essential and AI and automation tools take this one step further to supercharge efficiency. Automated workflows streamline and accelerate everything from real-time device status tracking and inventory maintenance to invoice processing and bill pay.

With Tango, teams also get AI-powered insights into all things mobile so they can connect the dots and make critical business decisions, plus cost-saving recommendations to minimize mobile waste and optimize spending.

See how Tangoe helped one Fortune 50 organization build and manage a global BYOD program that alleviated an 11-person full-time mobile device management team.

IT Performance and Employee Satisfaction  

Many Mobile Device Management solutions integrate with IT help desk software to uplevel support for any device, anywhere. For example, Tangoe Help Desk comes as part of our Mobile Device Management solution, providing white glove service from dedicated experts plus extensive reporting for insights into ticket quantities, types of requests, and trending issues. The result: productivity for IT and satisfied end users who can stay productive too.

Tangoe’s solution leverages AI, RPA, and automated workflows to help employees get what they need faster, and employees can use the channels they know and love to submit inquiries anywhere, anytime, from phone and live chat to self-service resources like chatbots and smart walkthroughs.

See how Tangoe helped one of the world’s largest big box retailers improve employee output and business performance with smarter device lifecycle management.

Learn more about how other businesses have benefited from our Mobile Device Management solution:

Mobile Spend Management is the process of effectively managing mobile device invoices, expenses, services, and assets to minimize costs, fully utilize resources, and drive process efficiencies in financial management. Mobile Spend Management and MDM go together like salt and pepper (hence, why Tangoe’s solution wraps both into one service). Mobile Spend Management is another part of any MDM practice, helping enterprises simplify, manage, and optimize their fleet every step of the way.  

Learn more about Tangoe One Mobile with a guided demo. 

From procurement to recycling old devices, Tangoe’s MDM solution can help companies administer their mobile fleet across every phase of the device lifecycle: 

  • Procurement: Procuring devices at the lowest possible price and allowing employees a portal where they can place orders in compliance with corporate policies. Learn about the Tangoe Mobile Store.
  • Set up and Security: Pre-loading standard mobile applications on devices and using Unified Endpoint Management software to protect the fleet from security threats 
  • Kit & Ship: Packaging devices with accessories and shipping them to employees 
  • Activation: Deploying devices and activating them, including offering employees and users streamlined instructions and IT support if they need help 
  • Inventory Management: Monitoring the corporate fleet so mobility and security teams know where each device is in real-time and whether it’s in a compliant or non-compliant status 
  • Invoice Payment and Late Fee Avoidance: Financial support to process invoices and keep the fleet up and running without missed payments and late fees 
  • Cost Optimization: Pinpointing unused devices helps companies lower costs by reducing waste 
  • Expense Management: Tracking costs and contracts across all mobile carriers to make more informed financial decisions 
  • IT Support: Technical support assists every user with every device and operating model — Tangoe’s Help Desk services help employees in multiple languages 
  • Repair or Replace: Warranty and repair management, including authorized services for Apple brand devices, as well as mobile refresh programs designed to upgrade devices to the latest hardware 
  • Decommission & Recycle: Services that give you cash back for old devices with eco-friendly, compliant recycling programs designed to reduce e-waste

    See all of Tangoe’s MDM services in one simple graphic. 

A Total Solution for Mobile Device Management

Tangoe’s Mobile Device Management platform stands alone in that it offers mobile device lifecycle management services, UEM services, and expense management services, ensuring companies get productivity alongside the absolute most value out of their mobile fleet.

Our comprehensive MDM solution is also a fully managed service to handle the day-to-day logistics of the fleet through a single platform. It offers unparalleled visibility into all devices, device security and compliance status. Plus, it illuminates costs to drive savings and resource efficiency. AI and automation continuously work in the background to streamline and accelerate processes at every turn.

Accelerate into Overdrive with the Smartest AI-Powered Platform

AI and robotic process automation are the not-so-secret weapons behind our Mobile Device Management platform that gives Tangoe customers their winning competitive edge. Our AI engine acts as an extension of the IT team in the form of many bots that automate and accelerate processes, collectively working to help save time, optimize costs, and clear the complexities of managing even the most sprawling mobile fleet.

One bot, for example, helps streamline data collection by securely gathering invoice and billing information from different carrier portals while another handles repetitive and time-consuming tasks like suspending and unsuspending phone lines and handling service upgrades. Cost optimization, customer service, help desk support…where there’s a need, Tangoe’s Mobile Device Management solution strategically applies AI.

Mobile Advisors Ready to Jump into Action

Tangoe Advisory Services offers a team of highly experienced mobile technology professionals that can conduct a myriad of consulting engagements tailored to meet your specific needs. From inventory auditing that blows the lid off discrepancies in mobile spend (see how we helped one global tech company identify $700M+ in annual mobile savings) to contract negotiation services that lock in the best deals and terms, our experts work with businesses of all kinds to fuel modernization, address risk, and lower mobile equipment and service costs.

Learn more about Tangoe Advisory Services for mobility management.