Making it Easier to Save on Mobile 


There isn’t a business out there today not looking for ways to save, considering the macroeconomic climate, but the best companies have an ongoing practice of unlocking cost-savings opportunities, so they can reinvest for their future. Sometimes those opportunities are very obvious, while others require a bit of digging. The beauty of using an enterprise mobility management platform is that this is all done for you. AI-powered software can run millions of calculations per second and pinpoint areas that present ways to save.  

Tangoe’s Saving Center module is the window into identified savings that then provides easy access for taking action against them. In the latest release of Tangoe’s managed mobility software, the Savings Center has new and improved ways to more quickly and more granularly identify savings and to act on the recommendations. That’s important in a day and age when companies struggle with mobile device management.

In addition to several user-experience enhancements, here is a breakdown of the new capabilities:  

  • Linked optimizations now come with a wider range of optimization types. 
    The Savings Center goes beyond straight rate comparisons to bring in things like mobile plans to determine (based on usage) if a different service plan would enable savings.  
    Comparing prices takes cost-cutting only halfway, and the Tangoe Savings Center moves beyond simply evaluating the total price. Our platform assesses a wider range of “linked optimizations,” pricing out isolated features, comparing mobile plan specifics, and driving at price-per-unit details. With more types of linked optimizations, we can now dig deeper to save clients more. And don’t forget, we use the contextual knowledge we have about your company’s service consumption trends to make more informed recommendations.  
    For example, Tangoe’s uses patterns in your service usage data to match your company with the best mobile plan. When we know 70% of your employees make international calls, our platform doesn‘t just compare the prices of all international plans; it identifies the lowest rate-per-minute for the 10 countries you dial most often. Thus, you don’t get overcharged – even deep in the details.  This is how Tangoe unlocks the greatest possible return on investment, rather than just surface-level cost cutting. 
  • End-to-end savings tracking traces savings from potential to actual to annualized 
    This ensures you don’t miss an opportunity to save and makes spending readouts and reporting simple.  
    We all know that identifying a possibility is far different from achieving that possibility, and Tangoe’s Savings Center helps you track when a potential savings opportunity transitions into a recognized result (actual savings) — whether it’s a one-time cost reduction or an ongoing savings (annualized savings). 
  • Option for suspending or disconnecting zero-usage lines through built-in automation, including reference to the associated activity. 

  Tangoe’s advanced analytics can identify when mobile phone lines go entirely unused (zero-usage), say for example if an employee shoves their phone in a drawer and leaves the company without handing in their devices. Our new feature options have automated the process to disconnect or suspend unused phone lines. This way, disconnects happen faster, thereby maximizing the savings of an avoided cost.  

  • Automation for accepting/rejecting recommendations that match configured criteria.  This includes the ability to mark lines as “Do-Not-Change” while rejecting a recommendation.  
    The adage “set it and forget it” is easy to achieve with a new feature that automatically acts based upon your business rules. Want to reject a cost-savings recommendation with a rule that rejects all similar recommendations in the future? Just mark it “Do Not Change.” Want to always accept a cost-savings recommendation under specific circumstances? No problem. New features have you covered on both fronts.  
  • Additional data points are available for reporting, such as device type.  
    Now you can have a more comprehensive and holistic view of your fleet, plans, usage, and pricing with all the necessary details.  

The more granularly you can report on your costs, the easier it is to communicate the current situation. That’s why Tangoe continues to add more data points into our reporting tools, giving you broader flexibility to present the specific information you need just the way you want it to see it.   

Tangoe is uniquely positioned to help businesses of all sizes save time and money.  We manage more than 14 million mobile devices around the globe representing over 400 mobile carriers.  There isn’t a scenario, a pricing schema or a service option that we’re not aware of. That coupled with the largest database of technology spend under management at $34B affords us the opportunity to provide you with the deep insights and recommendations you need to maximize your IT budget.  

Want to see a demo of the new Saving Center? Click here