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Simplify Technology Management for Next-Gen Healthcare

Technology is changing the way professionals approach healthcare. Many of these innovations are positive — facilitating patient care and ensuring treatments are more effective — but they also present unique challenges when it comes to managing healthcare IT expenses. Innovations demand flawless mobile connectivity, agile networks, and scalable cloud infrastructure to deliver desired outcomes. This is where Tangoe helps.

Tangoe works with hundreds of healthcare providers including 40% of the Fortune 500. From hardening business continuity and accelerating savings and productivity, to gathering faster insights, healthcare providers reap significant value from Tangoe.

Improve Patient Care

Providing the best care requires real-time information access backed by an always-on IT platform. Tangoe ensures your cloud infrastructure is optimized to deliver the most value.

Enable Smarter Clinical Trials

Managing all the devices patients need to participate successfully in a trial can be overwhelming. Tangoe simplifies the process by taking on mobile device management.

Support Patient Monitoring

The slightest service disruption can have a material impact on monitoring patients remotely. Tangoe ensures critical IT services remain uninterrupted with bills paid on time.

Expand eHealth Programs

Technology powers the ability to conduct eHealth visits. Tangoe supports your virtual care by identifying opportunities to maximize the effectiveness of your IT assets and services.

Gain Productivity

Managing services and invoices can be resource intensive. Tangoe automates IT financial processes, pinpointing billing errors, paying invoices, and streamlining cost allocations.

Accelerate Savings

Overprovisioning and underutilized assets create healthcare waste. Tangoe helps you avoid unnecessary costs and get more out of your cloud, mobile, and telecom resources.

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