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Simplify Technology Management for Next‑Gen Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry is on the cusp of a renaissance. The breadth of changes that are happening to support digital supply chains, smart factories, AI automation, and robotics, means that IT organizations are struggling to handle a myriad of technology vendors, service providers, and devices powering the new age of manufacturing.

Tangoe works with many of the largest manufacturers around the globe including 35% of the Fortune 50. Nearly 20% of all Tangoe clients are in the manufacturing sector; thus, we have experience in not only understanding the unique industry use cases, but the expertise that translates into significant savings and efficiencies. With Tangoe, manufacturing companies can harden their business continuity, decrease waste, accelerate savings, drive productivity, and gather faster insights that deliver true value.

Empower Smart Manufacturing

Efficiently and effectively manage the technology providers powering your smart manufacturing processes with a single lens across all services, assets, and expenses.

Enable Secure Mobility

Get the visibility and insights you need to govern mobile security including UEM monitoring and manage the full lifecycle of your mobile fleet from scanners to industrial IoT and more.

Accelerate Savings

Reveal underutilized IT assets and overprovisioning so you can reduce waste, avoid unnecessary costs, and make the most of your cloud, mobile, and telecom resources.

Drive Efficiencies

Automate invoice processing, pinpoint billing errors, allocate costs and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of your IT technologies and services – all from one AI-powered portal.

Support Sustainability

Automated technology management optimizes IT resources in real-time to reduce carbon emissions and support environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

Harden Business Continuity

Strengthen the reliability of your critical IT services and avoid unexpected service outages due to late payments – Tangoe’s bill pay services keep your operations up and running.

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