Audit & Optimization

Realize Maximum Telecom Savings

Only Pay for What You Need, Use, and Agreed To

Are you confident you’re being billed only for telecom services in use and at the rates contractually negotiated? It might not surprise you that the average telecom invoice is fraught with 9% billing errors. Overcharges and credits due can quickly add up to significant savings.

Tangoe’s AI-powered platform seamlessly audits every invoice to ensure your telecom invoices are accurate and the price charged is per contractual terms. We also validate that the service is in use, helping you identify waste and bigger savings opportunities. Enterprises save millions every year using Tangoe’s automation and ability to capture these insights in real time.

Audit Invoices

Get a comprehensive review of all telecom invoices uncovering billing errors, credits due, and charges associated with services no longer in use.

Confirm Savings

Tracking tools assure potential savings opportunities turn into actual dollars saved while monitoring your year-over-year savings.

Cut Costs

Get cost-saving recommendations and actionable insights showing you how to save money and maximize utilization to meet business needs.

Maximize Value

Evaluate telecom spending and service utilization together to confirm there is sufficient recognized value from the investment made.

Gain Productivity

Tangoe acts on savings opportunities, handling invoice corrections, managing vendor disputes, and automating service modifications.

Get Support

Consultants can audit your circuits, build an inventory, use market price indexes to analyze overspending, renegotiate contracts, and manage RFPs.

Energy Company Saves $2M Auditing Invoices and Updating Inventories