Global Energy Company Exceeds Telecom and IT Savings Target of $2M by 35%

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Tangoe Provides Immediate Cost Savings Through IT Expense Management Solution. 

The Challenge

A large multinational gas and energy company was forced to review its finances in all areas as the price of oil dropped. Telecom and IT expenses were identified as two areas with room for improvement. Seeking an IT expense management (ITEM) provider, this company focused on finding a solution that that shared its philosophy of finding cost savings, while at the same time, fostering business growth through progressive methodologies and innovative technology practices. 


saved per month

 in long distance overage charges and unapplicable surcharges 



 through audited and analyzed active circuits


savings identified

 through inventory optimization, audit, and dispute management 

The Solution

This energy company had offices in several states that regularly used cable and telecom lines to transmit communications. Its remote drilling sites frequently installed telecom assets, yet when these areas closed, the phone lines often remained active. Tangoe audited phone lines for more than 40 vendors at these locations and discovered that several carriers were still billing for old services at rack rates even though many of the drilling sites had been shut down or retired. 

In most cases, these legacy services were still connected and working even though new technology had been installed. The energy company was reluctant to remove the legacy services in the past and required sign off. Since this company was reluctant to remove legacy telecom services without signatures and approvals, carriers applied long-distance charges and incorrect surcharges for more than $40,000 every month for years. 


Highly Engaged Consulting

Expertise from Advisory Services 

Rolls-Royce Rolls into Major Savings with Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services

Simplified TEM Environment

Optimized for in-use and up-to-date inventory 

Rolls-Royce Rolls into Major Savings with Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services

Historical Audit of Existing Assets

Identifying gaps 

The Outcome

Tangoe performed enhanced savings initiatives with numerous carriers to build an up-to-date inventory by location, removing inventory that was no longer in use. This generated immediate cost savings and paved the way for future cost analysis and optimization of the energy company’s other IT assets and expenses. 

Tangoe Pay and our strategic consulting services addressed a range of IT expense and asset issues to help this organization quickly achieve results with minimal disruption and maximum ROI.