FinOps Solution for VMware® Private Cloud

Holistic View of All Private Cloud Expenses

Getting a handle on the ever-increasing public cloud costs is no different than getting a holistic view of the cost of a private cloud environment. Tangoe’s Cloud Expense Management for Private Cloud provides a comprehensive view into your total private cloud costs so that you have the insights to make informed decisions and the ease and detail to accurately identify cross-charge allocations,

Available for VMware® private cloud instances, Tangoe integrates with vCenter and pulls together all the ancillary charges of your private cloud – from the hardware and software expenses, to utility, storage and facilities costs – into one holistic view.

Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive reporting that drills down to every detail, providing visibility into your Private Cloud expenses, assets and usage in one platform, allowing you to get as granular or high-level reporting as necessary.

Expense Management

Cost allocation, chargebacks, AP/ GL integration, account tracking and custom reporting of spend

Invoice Processing

Includes automated, customized, on-time invoice acquisition, validation, approval and tagging workflows to avoid late fees.

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