Invoice Management

Save Time, Money and Ensure Telecom Continuity

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Invoice Management Improves Performance

Gone are the days of using a single carrier for all telecom services. Did you know that for every 25 services in use, companies handle somewhere between 100-300 invoices? Reviewing every detail can take weeks. Ready to simplify your telecom invoice management?

Tangoe’s AI-powered platform processes invoices in less than 10 seconds, allowing us to process 370K invoices monthly. Our patented technology validates invoices against contracts to identify any billing anomalies. We also take on responsibility for managing invoice disputes and making payments on time. With Tangoe, you get the confidence of productivity — knowing your financial analysts are effectively avoiding erroneous charges while your business is avoiding service disruptions.

Automate Processing

AI automates invoice capture and processing, linking invoices to their associated contracts and service usage data.

Accelerate Administration

Automation speeds approvals and anomaly investigations while also managing disputes and tracking credits across vendors.

Streamline Verification

Patented technologies compare charges against contracts and service usage, validating spending and detecting billing errors.

Allocate Costs

Integration with your financial systems and advanced chargeback capabilities mean cost allocations are guided by your rules.

Collect Credits

Invoice monitoring ensures your telecom usage matches your service charges, helping you collect credits when SLAs aren’t met.

Enhance Decision-Making

Flexible reporting features offer at-a-glance data visualizations and unique ways to drill down to the data you need.

Invoice Lifecycle Management for Telecom

Simplify management across every stage of the invoice processing cycle and every phase of the telecom service lifecycle.

Pay Your Bills on Time

Avoid late fees with invoices paid on time every time. Bill Pay services give you confidence of business continuity with the freedom of having just one invoice to pay.