Unified Endpoint Management
(UEM) for Tangoe One Mobile

Tangoe Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) service secures your mobile fleet and handles all tasks including solution design, integration support, policy, configuration, compliance, and updating — all in one platform. With Tangoe UEM, you can manage, monitor and secure devices with confidence and ease. Add our UEM service to any Tangoe Managed Mobility Solution or use it as a standalone service for smartphones, personal computers, and IoT devices. Our service works across all mobile device operating systems as well as MacOS and Windows 10 connected endpoints.

What do Tangoe’s UEM Services do for you?

Tangoe’s UEM takes the complexity out of Unified Endpoint Management so that IT teams can monitor, manage, and secure devices with ease to reduce risk while creating a satisfying end-user experience.


Take the leg work out of UEM. Let us design a complete system that secures your mobile fleet and corporate data. Tangoe can integrate and implement your solution while also handling day-to-day deployments, administration, and compliance.


Manage UEM related tasks in one location with systems configured dynamically and with access restrictions based on user roles, functions and business rules. Gain visibility into employee use of corporate data and apps on any device.


Optimize IT resources while improving team efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction by outsourcing your UEM Services. Strengthen your security, governance protocols, and compliance to mitigate risk.

Transform UEM to Work Better for You

Centralized Device Management

Deliver security mandates and administrative support to every company device from one platform.

Threat Monitoring and Mitigation

Endpoints are monitored and swept for security breaches and malware. Security health checks are based on NIST and CIS best practices.

Security and Compliance

Configure security and compliance policies dynamically based on user role(s) and functions to ensure Zero-Trust, identity-based security without impacting usability.

Corporate Data Management

Tangoe designs Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls that encrypt data at rest and in motion. Data compliance is also enforced based on security requirements for device enablement.

Application Management

Design, deploy, manage, and secure enterprise apps through a UEM-specific store restricting access and controlling user behavior from the same software used to manage the rest of your mobility program.

Professional Services

Simplify UEM platform and device migrations with services that design your custom solution, plan and execute your transition, and build a fully integrated environment for 360-degree management.

Managed Services

Monitoring fleet status and controlling devices in real-time, Tangoe handles provisioning, enrollments, device configurations, applications, users and groups, and compliance – testing and administering the UEM platform.

Program Management

Get a partner – not just back-end support. Clients enjoy client success managers who track goals and report on key metrics as well as Tier 2 & 3 engineers who maximize productivity and mobile uptime.

UEM Software & Integrations

Solutions are powered by industry-leading UEM and MDM software and can connect with Apple, Samsung, Google, and Android management systems for faster provisioning, deployment, and enrollment.
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