Unified Endpoint Management: Tangoe’s Mobile Security Solution Serves More than Just Smartphones

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Managing endpoints is a growing responsibility thanks in part to more connected mobile devices, increasingly sophisticated security attacks, and the bottom-line impact devices have on every company. That’s why unified endpoint management (UEM) is a key function for IT organizations, particularly those implementing a Zero-Trust security strategy.  

Over the years, companies have relied on Tangoe’s UEM services largely to help them secure and administer their mobile phones, and now more clients are asking us to manage their personal computers (PCs) too — both corporate-owned and employee-owned devices. But Tangoe isn’t just stepping up to those individual demands, we’re widening our solution portfolio for the benefit of all.  

Tangoe now offers UEM services as a standalone solution, helping companies of all sizes secure and manage their endpoints. Get the UEM brochure.

Previously, UEM was available only as a value-added service for clients using our broader mobility management solutions. While clients can still use our UEM solution as part of their full device lifecycle management, (pairing it with help desk and logistics services), we’re now unleashing UEM to also serve clients on its own.  

Key Benefits: UEM from Tangoe

  • Professional Services to design and implement a UEM solution  
  • Managed Services to handle daily deployments and administration 
  • Centralized management for all types of equipment in a highly integrated environment 
  • Streamlined processes through automated workflows across the device lifecycle 
  • The management of multiple devices, applications, updates, and user profiles across different operating systems   

Standalone UEM services are helpful for mid-size enterprises seeking a narrower set of award-winning endpoint management services, but they are also beneficial for our Channel Partners looking for more ways to capitalize on new growth opportunities. Through our partnership with CDW, Tangoe helped two companies customize and build their UEM platforms, integrating VMware Workspace One with multiple supporting tools such as Apple Business Manager, Android Enterprise, Samsung Knox. We also helped them deploy custom applications. One platform was deployed in record time — just a few weeks. 

What You’ll Get in a UEM Solution

With Tangoe as your partner, it’s easy to offload the work of administering and securing laptops and other devices across every phase of their lifecycle. Let our experts handle the process from start to finish with UEM solutions that include everything from design, support, policy, configuration, compliance, and upgrading all in one platform. 

Solution Design & Implementation from UEM Professionals

Tangoe’s Professional Services establish and optimize client UEM ecosystems. With a strategic focus on building custom UEM platforms, our experts collaborate with clients to design and implement UEM frameworks that align with their organizational objectives. We specialize in streamlining deployments for devices and applications, enhancing operational efficiency for clients, and ensuring frictionless experiences for their employees and end users.  

Additionally, Professional Services encompass UEM platform migrations and device migrations. We facilitate seamless transitions to minimize disruption and maximize the benefits of technology upgrades. Our proficiency extends to managing device refresh projects, ensuring mobile technologies stay on the forefront of innovation while clients maintain a secure, compliant, and efficient endpoint environment. Here’s a closer look. 

UEM Professional Services 

  • Solution Design: Solutions are customized to provide secure access to corporate data, streamline management across multiple tools and applications, and improve visibility with other systems within the client’s IT environment 
  • Platform Integration: UEM solutions can connect with Apple Business Manager, Samsung Knox/KME, Google Enterprise, and Android Partner, enabling accelerated workflows for deployments, provisioning, and enrollments 
  • Migration Plan & Management: Professional project managers and customer success managers work to define requirements and timelines, executing smooth technology transitions to protect security and business continuity 
  • Learn about our managed services specifically for Microsoft Intune®

Day-to-Day Administration from UEM Managed Services 

Tangoe’s Managed Services handle the daily work of fleet management, offering ongoing device oversight and security. Driving efficiency through centralized management and an advanced mobile security framework, Tangoe enforces uniform policies and proactively addresses cybersecurity threats across all endpoints while also simplifying daily operations for IT teams. This service ensures regulatory compliance by consistently implementing data protection and privacy policies. Plus, it’s adaptable to meet the evolving needs of organizations, scaling as the size of the fleet changes.  

Here’s a closer look. 

UEM Managed Services 

  • Mobile Device & PC Management: Tangoe’s professionals handle enrollments, device configurations, and application deployments — plus they monitor and control device status in real-time keeping the fleet secure and compliant 
  • Security Health Checks: Evaluations are performed on the platform, devices, and applications with security checks based on best practices from the Center of Internet Security (CIS) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  

White Glove Service: UEM Program Management 

  • Customer Success Manager: Dedicated client account managers offer daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings to both track goals and actions as well as report on key metrics 
  • Primary & Secondary Engineers: Experts provide Level-2 and Level-3 engineering support to maximize uptime and minimize downtime 
  • IT Service Management: Tangoe acts as an extension of our clients’ IT and mobility teams, governing the quality of our service based on best practices from the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Framework – so clients get a true partner, not just back-end support 

Flexible Options: UEM Software and Device Compatibility 

Tangoe’s UEM solutions offer wide flexibility with a range of compatible devices and software platforms. 

  • Solutions are powered by industry-leading UEM software from Microsoft Intune®, IBM Security® MaaS360®, VMWare Workspace ONE®, Ivanti Neurons®, SOTI® and Jamf Pro®
  • Solutions can connect with Apple®, Samsung®, Google®, and Android® management systems for faster provisioning, deployment, and enrollment   
  • Software licenses are available for both clients and partners including Managed Service Providers and their clients  
  • UEM Platforms are available for the respected licenses purchased — for example, with WS1 licenses, Tangoe can provide the WS1 Tenant platform (environment) 
  • Solutions work across all mobile device operating systems as well as MacOS and Windows 10 connected endpoints 

Why Trust Tangoe for all Your Mobility Needs?  

With 14M endpoints under management – more than twice our closest competitor – Tangoe handles more devices globally than any other provider. With years of extensive experience, our team has successfully managed various UEM client infrastructures, providing proven expertise in navigating the dynamic landscape of endpoint management and ensuring optimal performance, security, and compliance. Our commitment to UEM excellence paves the way for our clients to achieve unparalleled success in mobile and IoT innovation. 

Ready to simplify, manage, and secure your endpoints? Learn more about our UEM offerings and talk to Tangoe about a free consultation and solution demonstration