Love the Allure of Microsoft Intune® Mobile Security but Hate the Setup Work? You’ve Got Options 

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With many companies operating as a “Microsoft shop,” IT leaders are often drawn to Microsoft’s mobile security solution, called the Microsoft Intune Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform. And it’s easy to see why. Intune works with all other Microsoft products, offering ease of use and cost efficiency. However, overstretched IT resources can make it difficult for companies to build, customize, and implement an Intune solution. For example, IT teams may struggle to:  

  • Audit all devices in the corporate fleet and catalog an accurate inventory of all related details — a key prerequisite for success  
  • Integrate Intune (or other UEM platforms) into their IT environment, enabling workflow automation and advanced security capabilities 
  • Create an automated workflow for device provisioning 
  • Deploy devices and configure user policies to govern security and usage  
  • Allow access to corporate data only when devices are in a compliant state 
  • Automatically remove corporate data access if a device becomes non-compliant 
  • Transition to modern UEM platforms without disruptions in security, compliance, and mobile device service 

This is where Tangoe steps in, offering a full menu of managed services for UEM software platforms. Read this article for a deep dive into our mobile security solution including UEM managed services and benefits. In fact, we’re currently wrapping up two client engagements where Tangoe’s mobile and PC management experts stepped in to get UEM up and running for an in-home healthcare provider and a technology services company. Here’s a closer look at how Tangoe freed their IT resources. 

Client Success: Managed Services for Mobile Security and UEM 

One healthcare client was already partnering with Tangoe for mobile security and device lifecycle management services across 6,000 mobile phones, laptops, and PCs, but now needed to upgrade their existing UEM technology to Microsoft’s Intune platform. They called on us for help with their transition, asking Tangoe to: 

  • Build and implement their new UEM solution using the Microsoft cloud stack (Microsoft Azure®, Autopilot/Intune, Windows Update for Business®, and Windows Hello for Business®)   
  • Migrate both their PCs and mobile devices to the new solution 
  • Ensure a smooth transition with no disruption to security and business 

Transitioning 6,000 PCs and Phones to Intune for Tighter Security 

Tangoe served as the project manager, both designing and implementing the solution then turning it back over to their IT team to operationalize moving forward. Building a fully integrated environment, Tangoe connected the new Intune solution with their Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure and migrated all 6,000 devices (both Microsoft Windows® and Apple® PCs) to the new UEM platform. Additionally, Tangoe created documentation and a training program for their IT managers to handle any future changes in security policy and corporate compliance. Today, Tangoe kits and ships all new devices, leveraging their Intune platform.  

Key Benefits 

Thanks to the new Intune platform, provisioning PCs is now more than 60% faster, shaving off roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes of setup time for every PC. With Tangoe leading their device migration process, the healthcare provider recognized an estimated 4,500 hours of IT productivity gains and celebrated a seamless transition.     

Using Intune to Support Innovation and Stronger Security for Remote Workers 

When a technology services provider needed to migrate to Microsoft’s cloud-based applications and services, they turned to Tangoe for help implementing Intune.  

Tangoe migrated their 1,600 laptops, resetting their devices and updating Windows and security applications. The solution was particularly helpful because it ensures all PCs receive system updates – even when employees are working remotely and aren’t using a VPN connection to access the corporate network. Furthermore, the solution was integrated with the company’s identity management security software, tightening security according to their Zero-Trust strategy. Today, devices are securely managed using one integrated solution and one dashboard. 

Key Benefits 

The tech services provider received a fully integrated UEM platform, strengthened their security, and reduced the time needed to provision new devices and migrate old ones. Their cybersecurity threat surface was reduced by updating devices to the latest software and security patches. Plus, their Microsoft cloud infrastructure helps update and protect PCs no matter how they are connected to the corporate network and applications. 

All Endpoints, Equal Protections 

Mobile phones and PCs used to be considered separate categories, but today that’s no longer the case. “Endpoints” is the catch-all phrase of the day for any device — whether it’s a smartphone, PC, or IoT sensor, whether it uses wireless or hardwired technology, and no matter who actually owns the device (the company or the employee). All endpoints need to be protected from cybersecurity threats and managed by an IT team to ensure business continuity. Tangoe can help. 

Ready to simplify, manage, and secure your endpoints? Talk to Tangoe about a free consultation and solution demonstration.