Four Elements of Effective SaaS Management

Software as a Service (SaaS) management is a strategy to oversee a sprawling portfolio of applications, and the most effective approaches focus on cost optimization and process efficiency across these four elements.

The Problems of SaaS Sprawl


Companies typically have 10x more apps than they expect

say it’s challenge to account for cloud spending and service usage


of IT teams are concerned about their SaaS cost-per-user


of CIOs say they’ll reduce spending by optimizing SaaS licenses

4 Elements of Effective SaaS Management

Eliminate Shadow IT and Optimize Your SaaS Costs

Tangoe One Cloud, the SaaS Management Solution that Solves it All

Widest Shadow IT Visibility

  • The most direct SaaS integrations in the industry
  • Five different ways to uncover current apps in use

Smartest SaaS & Security Insights

  • Unparalleled user and usage analytics for Microsoft 365
  • App threat intelligence helps gauge your security risk

Hyper-Automated License Management

  • Industry-leading automation handles assignments
  • Five different ways to uncover current apps in use

30% Lower Costs on Your Applications

  • Redundant app consolidation and cost-saving alternatives
  • Track record of slashing app costs by at least 30%

SaaS Expense Management Services

  • SaaS spending is monitored against your budget
  • Tangoe handles invoices, allocations, contracts, and reports

Savings that Go Beyond Just SaaS

  • Optimize your broader cloud landscape – IaaS and SaaS
  • Save more with telecom and mobile expense management

Take Control of Your SaaS Estate with Tangoe One Cloud