Control and Secure SaaS Licenses Confidently

One platform with in-depth visibility and process automation that saves time and money.

SaaS Hero

SaaS Management That’s Super Simple and Solves It All.

Tangoe One Platform

Lifecycle Expense Management

Ensure accurate cost allocations, chargebacks, automated invoice processing and detailed inventory analysis across your entire SaaS ecosystem.



Monitor threat levels to mitigate vendor breaches. Assess vendor compliance certifications. Get alerts on potentially risky apps so you take proactive measures to protect your employees, assets, and IP.


Smart App Discovery

Put an end to shadow IT. Gain full visibility and governance over your SaaS stack. Integrate with SSO, financial systems, and our catalogue of 500+ SaaS apps and growing.  

Tangoe One Platform

Vendor & Renewal Management

Get timely reminders when renewals are up. Negotiate the best rates based on benchmarking data quickly and easily.


License & Contract Management

Centralize all SaaS licenses and contracts. Link costs to users and teams. Reconcile spend against actual costs and usage. Manage contract and payment timelines. 

Tangoe One Platform

Daily Alerts & Ongoing Monitoring

Receive instant notifications based on established usage or spend threshold.  Track overages continuously so you can stay ahead of any potential spending spikes.

Tangoe One Platform

AI Optimization

Get real-time notifications of potential cost savings and allows you to right-size your SaaS licenses expenses.


Employee On-and-Offboarding

Activate and deactivate licenses with flexible, easy-to-use workflows and role-based recommendations. 

Tangoe One Platform

Reporting & Analytics

Access robust, on-demand reporting and analysis to drive better total cost of ownership with maximum visibility and control over SaaS expenses, licenses, and usage.

Integrations with 500+ SaaS providers

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Eliminate SaaS Waste Entirely

With at least 25% of SaaS licenses being wasted and cloud-based application usage on the rise, having one platform to view expenses and usage holistically across your enterprise and remove redundant apps provides the actionable insights you need to secure your business and control costs.


Tangoe One CEM for SaaS Brochure

Discover all the ways Tangoe’s Cloud SaaS solution can work for you.

CEM for SaaS

Securing Your SaaS

While more than 97% of organizations use SaaS, Nemertes 2022- 23 Emerging Technologies Research Study finds that only 62% have ANY defined governance for cloud.

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Full visibility and control over your growing cloud spend.


Zoom in on your unified communication apps with certainty.

SaaS Guide Preview

SaaS Management Software

SaaS Management Software provides end-to-end visibility, control, governance and security over an organizations’ SaaS ecosystem, It is a cloud-based solution that enables IT and Finance Teams to manage SaaS spend, purchasing, on-and-offboarding, license utilization, renewals, and cost optimization.

smarter cloud

Smarter Cloud Expense Management is the New Imperative 

With IT cloud costs rising and managing complex enterprise cloud environments, Tangoe offers the industry’s full lifecycle solutions for end-to-end CEM. This new Tangoe One capability allows you to gain a sweeping view of your cloud investments across IaaS, UCaaS and SaaS.

shadow IT

Shadow IT explained: Risks and Opportunities

If you think you only have 40-50 SaaS apps running at once, check again. It may be more like several hundred. Manage your SaaS apps before they manage you.  

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