Tangoe One Cloud Expense Management (CEM) for SaaS


It’s estimated that 50% or more of enterprise SaaS expenses go towards shadow IT and 25% is wasted or significantly underutilized. Unbeknownst to you, your organization could have 10-20 times the number of applications originally approved and provisioned through IT. Without the proper oversight, it is difficult to assess potential security threats, compliance risks, usage waste or budgetary needs. So how do you control costs and consumption before they spiral, while balancing the needs of the business?

Tangoe’s Cloud Expense Management for SaaS Solution delivers complete end-to-end SaaS management, all in a single platform. From procurement through payment, SaaS licenses are easily managed across your enterprise.

Tangoe’s solution includes the following unique features:

  • Smart Discovery of shadow IT that integrates with over 550+ apps
  • Simple On and Offboarding
  • Vendor & Renewal Management
  • License & Contract Management
  • App-level Optimization Recommendation
  • Lifecycle Expense Management
  • On-demand Reporting & Analytics
  • Real-time Alerts and continuous monitoring

What does Tangoe’s SaaS Solution do for you?

Powered by AI/ML technology, Tangoe One CEM for SaaS is everything you need to simplify, manage, optimize, and secure your SaaS ecosystem in one easy-to-use, intuitive platform. Gain visibility and control over your company’s SaaS licenses to drive financial and operational efficiencies resulting in a positive ROI from inception. Uncover insights that will help you and your team make strategic business decisions.


Tap into essential tools that eliminate manual tasks, embedding automated workflows, virtual agents, and client-driven business rules. Centralize and standardize data that links all related expenses to their appropriate licenses, departments and users.


Eliminate wasteful spending with our unmatched 5-step Smart App Discovery process. Easily identify duplicate apps or underutilized licenses. Get instant AI-driven cost-savings recommendation that will help you scale or right-size, allocate resources, forecast future needs, and maximize the value of your SaaS investments.


Leverage customized on-demand reporting, analytics, real-time alerts, and continuous monitoring to help you respond to potential concerns proactively, identify trends and gaps in tracking utilization. Allocate and chargeback costs accurately. Set employees up with new apps easily and deactivate old ones. Stay on top of vendors and contracts. And get a complete profile of each app from our App Store which features role-based suggestions on the right apps for each employee.


Set governance and security protocols that protect your business. Get alerts whenever a potentially rogue application enters your SaaS stack. Block or terminate them to keep away from malicious applications and users. Be prepared for audits at any time with a fully compliant SaaS stack. Renew or terminate applications based on their usage and remove unnecessary apps quickly and easily.

SaaS Cloud Expense Management & Optimization That Solves It All

Save SaaS Spend

Smart App Discovery

Rid your organization of Shadow IT with our 5-step Discovery process integrating SSO and ID providers, financial systems, and 800+ apps complete with Virtual Desktop Agents that provide real- time updates.

AI Optimization

Instant recommendations that will have you saving and do away with wasteful spending so that you can scale, right-size and reinvest as needed.

Vendor & Renewal Management

Keep track of contract renewals via an automated approval process with timely reminders when they are up. Choose the right apps based on usage and adoption. Then, negotiate the best rates based on benchmarking data of current growth trends.

License & Contract Management

Centralize all SaaS licenses and contracts with quick access to pertinent data. Map spend to users and teams in your organization. Reconcile that against actual cost and usage. Manage contract and payment timelines.

Automate IT Processes

Employee On and Offboarding

Activate all your applications with flexible, easy-to-use workflows that get your employees set up in no time with just a few clicks with the ability to provide role-based recommendations. Turn off unused apps to maximize efficiency and cut the waste.

Inventory Analysis

View and analyze all billed SaaS licenses, spend and credits in one central location across vendors.

Invoice, Expense & Usage Management

Automated, customized, on-time invoice acquisition, validation, and approval workflows to avoid late fees. Cost allocation, chargebacks, AP/GL integration, account tracking, exception reporting and financial business rule management within the platform that eliminates manual processes to drive efficiency and deliver accurate outcomes.

Gain Insights & Secure Your SaaS Ecosystem

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Detailed, on-demand reporting for authorized users that delivers both granular analytics / insights and holistic visibility across your entire SaaS ecosystem for licenses, expenses, usage, contracts, and more.

Real-time Notifications & Continuous Monitoring

Instant notifications based on established usage or spend threshold overages for proactive action. Alerts and continuous monitoring that identify unauthorized or risky applications that may need to be blocked or removed. Permission-based settings that ensure the right people access the right information.

End-to-End Fully Managed SaaS

The complete fully-managed solution to optimize SaaS

Tangoe’s Fully-Managed SaaS Solution provides these additional services:
Set up & Monitoring
  • Automated domain user integration and SaaS vendor discovery against domain
  • Identify and manage all integrations with all SaaS providers
  • Create on/off boarding playbooks
  • Onboard and Offboard user licenses to vendors
  • Identify security risks from Shadow IT applications
  • Drive adoption and forecast future demand
Optimization Management
  • Proactively identify license optimization opportunities and duplicate apps
  • Analyze zero or low usage users on applications using up valuable licenses
  • Discover terminated employees connected to licenses
  • Tangoe becomes the single source of truth for all apps
Contract Management
  • Upload and input contracts
  • Proactively track renewals on the renewal calendar
  • Validate application level spend
Budget & Forecasting
  • Set up application-level chargeback rules
  • Report on application level spend by department against budget