Selecting FinOps Solutions:
15 Stats for Procurement Leaders

Roughly 65% of companies use the FinOps framework to control their cloud spending, and many are turning to FinOps software to ace their strategy. Not all solutions, however, are created equally. Here’s what procurement leaders should keep in mind when evaluating FinOps platforms.

What Are the Top Criteria for Selecting a FinOps Service?

Industry expertise

Al and automation

Fully managed services

Must-Have FinOps Capabilities

Managed Services

2X Savings

Third-party FinOps tools can double your cost savings on cloud services


Those using outsourced FinOps services are 175% more likely to control cloud cost overruns

Al and Automation

believe automation is “critical” or “very valuable” for maximizing cloud ROI

AI-powered FinOps tools cut cloud expenses by greater than 20% on average

Centralized Management

of organizations want cloud management in one platform for SaaS, IaaS, and UCaaS

of companies are using three or more tools to manage and optimize their cloud services

Total Cloud Visibility

of companies have complete visibility into cloud assets and their impact on the business

of enterprises know their exact cost per unit for cloud services

Multi-Source Shadow IT Discovery

of enterprises say Shadow IT is their #1 problem with cloud applications

Unsanctioned applications can consume 40% of IT budgets

5 Reasons to Select FinOps Solutions from Tangoe


Reports reveal how efficiently
(or inefficiently) each cloud
service is used


Insights help you right size
cloud investments across
laas, Saas, and UCaas


Automation allows
you act on cost-saving
recommendations instantly


Cost thresholds alert your stakeholders to cost overruns before they happen


laaS tagging, pausing, and discounting guidance shows you how to save money

90% of decision-makers rate Tangoe's FinOps solutions as "excellent" or "good."

Why Procurement Leaders Prefer Tangoe

Cost Savings Assessments

End-to-End RFP Management

Professional Negotiation Artists

Contract Management Services

Controls Govern

FinOps Foundation

Make FinOps Simple with Tangoe One Cloud

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