Tangoe Advisory Services:
Audit & Optimization

Reveal Savings behind Your Invoices & Contracts

Looking for ways to shore up your spending and ensure IT services are being billed accurately? What if you had a third party to identify overcharges, handle discrepancies, and find new ways to cut your telecom and mobile costs?

Detect and rectify overspending with Tangoe.

Tangoe audits your invoices, contracts, and service usage to save you money and stretch your IT dollars. Let experts evaluate your spending to identify billing errors and credits due. In addition to handling any disputes and claims, Tangoe will uncover any unused services to reduce waste and determine whether your contracts are optimized. Taking a holistic approach, our consultants use proven discovery techniques and patented technologies to maximize savings.

3 Ways You’ll Save Money


Inventory updates and billing error identifications


Inventory updates and billing error identifications


Contract evaluations and rate optimization

What You’ll Get: Comprehensive Review that Drives Savings

  • Inventory updates increase accuracy with discovery and clean-up efforts showing you what services you have and how they’re being used
  • Savings analysis finds billing discrepancies and pinpoints overspending by comparing current invoices against contract rates, plans, and terms
  • A Tangoe response team using prioritized action plans to capitalize on saving opportunities, tracking and validating the money you save

Why You’ll Love It: Tangible Ways to Optimize Usage and Costs

Cost Savings:

Reduce overcharges, eliminate unused assets, and know if you’re paying the going rate for your services.


Gain clarity into unnecessary expenditures with overarching views of costs and contractual commitments.


Tangoe finds ways to save you money, designs a prioritized action plan, and acts on it — so you don’t have to.