What is Tangoe Advisory Services?

Tangoe Advisory Services (TAS) is comprised of a team of industry leading experts with almost 2 decades of IT Expense and Asset Management experience, specifically in the areas of Telecom, Mobile and Cloud. Our database of over $34 billion in managed funds allow the team to deliver the most effective rates for our clients, benchmarking against millions of data points and bringing their wealth of deep market knowledge to ensure your success. Tangoe’s TAS team helps clients get the best contract rates across all their vendors, addresses risk, develops innovative and technology-driven strategies, identifies potential gaps, uncovers new opportunities for optimization and more, all through customized engagements.  

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What does a customized TAS Engagement entail?

A customized advisory services for Telecom (Wireline/Fixed), Mobile & Cloud may include any of the following based on the client’s specific strategic business goals and objectives: An Initial Audit & Optimization, Strategic Sourcing (including: Benchmarking, Vendor Contract Negotiation and RFP Support), Consulting Services, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures guidance, Digital Transformations, IT Roadmaps, Inventory/Discovery and Staff Augmentation. 

What are Advisory Audit and Optimization Services?

Tangoe’s Audit and Optimization services focus on contract and tariff compliance, invoice  

validation and usage optimization. We carefully review all applicable invoices, uncover previously overlooked errors, and pursue credits on your behalf. Our audit professionals have decades of experience in the telecom industry and are based in different countries to allow our clients to do projects locally or regionally, using a rigorous methodology to deliver as much cost savings as possible. Our audit methodology is the most rigorous in the industry allowing us to effectively produce savings for our clients. 

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How does a Tangoe Advisory Audit work? What are the steps to an initial audit?

As part of an initial, one-time audit, project-based billing audit, the TAS team uncovers savings and cost avoidance that have gone undetected. This step brings your audit and validation current. Typically, the process takes about 4 months from start to finish, though can vary depending on the different factors such as: receipt of upfront information (i.e. vendor contracts, electronic billing vs. paper, inventory info, etc.), level of detailed information provided by the vendors (CSR’s, inventory detail), as well as client and vendor support.  

Typically, TAS follows a three-phase methodology to audits: 


1. Initial detailed billing review targeting erroneous charges on all services (voice/data, local, long-distance, wireless & equipment) 


2. Proactive optimization review to increase savings going forward 


3. Inventory review to validate “what’s on the bill is on-site” 

Benchmarking and Baselines

How does TAS use Benchmarking and Baselines to support Contract Negotiations and RFP Engagements?

TAS benchmarking leverages the most comprehensive database in the industry of competitive information across all telecom, mobile and cloud service providers in addition to the wealth of data and current experiences our team offers to deliver value and help you maximize your investments. 

The baseline step is a critical part of any negotiation effort and RFP engagement. Baselines are created using the existing data that we have of previously reviewed contracts, amendments, invoices and other elements. This will identify the market gaps for the various carriers and services in order to reduce the timeline by weeks to drive a faster time to value.   

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What are Inventory and Transformation Services?

TAS transformation services offers extensive support in identifying, preparing, implementing, measuring and monitoring digital transformation, and helping to manage and mitigate any associated risks. This includes inventory discovery to provide visibility into global costs, service providers and existing baselines. We help clients understanding areas of opportunities and impact accessing data on global carrier offerings, technologies and best practices. TAS will develop initial service baseline and cost / financial models, provide guidance on vendor selection, provide service migration and measure ROI on the transformation initiatives globally. 

What type of activities do TAS support with regards to Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures?

The TAS team can help clients prepare for an MA&D and guide them through the process with telecom, mobile and cloud vendors. Activities include inventory identification and separation, contract negotiations and assignment, and managing the transfer of services.

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How does TAS provide Carrier Transition Assurance?

The TAS team can evaluate, monitor, and guide the development and execution of a client’s transition plans with solutions based on specific business requirements and objectives. Examples include supporting and evaluating technologies related to transitions from TDM voice to SIP/VoIP solutions, establishing Unified Communications (UCaaS) solutions, transitioning from outsourced models to alternative in-sourced/managed voice and data solutions, migrations to outsourced solutions, global data networks, SD-Wan and more.  

What is Staff Augmentation and how does the TAS Team offer this?

Staff Augmentation refers to outsourced resources hired on a temporary project basis to complete a specific assignment(s) that a company either doesn’t have the bandwidth or knowledge base for; or simply makes more sense from a financial / strategic / time-to-launch standpoint. Tangoe’s TAS team offers temp in-house ITEM experts, to assist with various telecom, mobile and/or cloud projects including transition, implementation and wide-scale deployments and acts as an extension of our clients’ teams.  

Staff Augmentation

What is Wireless Rate Plan Optimization?

TAS can ensure corporate-liable users are aligned to the proper plans and packages based on overall usage to deliver the greater savings possible. This service can be stand-alone or a component of an audit or a sourcing engagement. 

What are Discovery Services?

Discovery services are offered to support all facets of the project including analysis to minimize client / business systems impact. For cloud, we provide a comprehensive view of your program, and help identify unsafe apps while harnessing the efficiency of approved ones. For TEM and MMS, we provide support during initial implementation or when expanding Telecom and Managed Mobility Services by identifying all of the carriers, accounts, and services clients being charged for. 

What is a Mobility Policy Assessment?

Mobility Policy Assessment provides clients with access to our experts and intellectual property to guide you through the evaluation and execution of a corporate mobility policy. We consider factors such as financial implications and adoption in delivering an optimum plan and policy for an organization. 

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