Tangoe Advisory Services for PSTN and POTS Migrations

Companies using legacy telephony technologies are under pressure to modernize before their services are permanently discontinued. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services and Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) lines are being phased out or even abruptly switched off in favor of modern, digital communications. Tangoe Advisory Services stands ready to serve IT teams as they weigh their options, designing a migration strategy that balances costs with high performance

Comprehensive Services for Transitioning PSTN/POTS Lines

Tangoe can assist companies both strategically and tactically as they build, execute, and manage a transition plan for PSTN and POTS. With 60 consultants negotiating 400 contracts annually, Tangoe has proprietary insight into $34B in IT spending and pricing indexes, helping companies navigate the complex market of digital communications. We catalog your copper lines, pinpoint cost savings, handle RFPs, and build a strategic plan for your team – or better yet — Tangoe can do all the work for you.

  • Get strategic and tactical migration plans as well as staff support to manage and execute
  • Analyze all your PSTN/POTS lines and costs using a telecom expense audit
  • Let experts evaluate your IT network and help you navigate VoIP, SIP, UCaaS and other option
  • Use a cost-savings assessment to identify potential cost cutting and short-list target providers
  • Leverage negotiation artists to fully manage RFPs and land the best deal on your contract
  • Prevent disruptions during service cutovers – Tangoe is the expert in smooth tech migrations
  • Build ongoing cost optimization programs for telecom – this is Tangoe’s core competency