Tangoe Identifies $3.6 Million in Savings for Leading Global Provider of Banking and Commerce Solutions

Tangoe’s automated platform and advisory services helped one organization achieve big savings. 

The Challenge

Like many other firms, this company utilized a manual invoice process for their telecom expenses – a cumbersome process resulting in late payments and interest charges, duplicate invoices being paid twice, and early payment discounts and savings opportunities being missed. There was also limited visibility into the full inventory of services. Without visibility into inventory by location and consumption by business group, it was difficult to know if services were being fully utilized or billed at locations that were no longer active. Given the difficulty of managing the ever-changing world of telecommunications (and the urgency to decrease costs) the company realized that they needed to onboard an expert resource to mitigate risk, remove complexity, and provide the visibility and control needed to succeed, which brought them to Tangoe. 


savings annually identified

through Tangoe



refund credit

after discount

error discovered

77 Days

accelerated go-live timeline

from original

8 month schedule

The Solution

Tangoe’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) experts traveled to Georgia to meet with the team and discuss their telecom needs and strategy. After a close evaluation of the company’s operations, Tangoe worked with their telecom carrier to switch from antiquated PDF invoices to a more efficient electronic data interchange (EDI). This shift allowed more detailed inventory information to be automatically captured directly from the electronic invoice more swiftly. The personalized and in-person attention, combined with a strategic review of their needs, was a hit. 

“By meeting with us face-to-face and getting to know our operations, Tangoe gave us the confidence that they have our best interest in mind,” noted the company’s IT Director. 

Centralized Software Blue Icon

Automated Invoice Management

Designed workflow to eliminate manual keying 

Inventory Management_Green

Improved Inventory Management

Service inventory created from automated processing of invoices 


Ongoing Auditing

Continued proactive auditing to identify savings

The Outcome

Telecom expense management – it’s a never-ending saga for every organization to understand, manage, and control. This company was dealing with confusing and complex contracts, manual invoice processing and approval workflows, lack of visibility into their inventory, and minimal time, and subject matter expertise within the organization’s resources. By automating their invoice process, providing an EDI for inventory, and utilizing historical and ongoing auditing services, Tangoe was able to streamline and achieve an astonishing annual savings of $3.6 million.