Tangoe Advisory Services: Staff Augmentation

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Keeping up with the day-to-day responsibilities of an IT leader can be a challenge. You are responsible for making sure the technology is always on, your employees are productive and that you’re innovating in new ways to drive revenue and a positive customer experience. Then a big project falls on your desk and that just compounds the challenge. Tangoe has a team of consultants with decades of technology experience across telecom, mobile and cloud services. For years, this team has worked with some of the largest, global businesses to mid-size enterprises, helping them execute their initiatives. We can be engaged on a short-term project to give you the extra support you need, or we can fully run and manage initiatives across a variety of use cases.

Lean on Tangoe’s Advisory Services team to get the support you, your team and your company need to advance your objectives.

Areas of Expertise

Global Initiatives:


New markets, geographical expansion, or global service alignments require deep knowledge of local regulatory and compliance policies, and carriers / service providers and how they operate. With decisions often made at the local level, determining what services are in place and then adding or converting new telecom, mobile and/or cloud services with your current tech stack can be a monumental task. With budgets already tight, how do you know what services you have globally, what services are available from what carriers and whether you’re getting the best contract rates/plans, the right inventory and best infrastructure at scale?


Tangoe’s Advisory Service team can alleviate the burden of extensive manual research by bringing decades of expertise and global vendor relationships. We’ll conduct global account discovery, benchmark analysis, and work with every in-country local team to gather all pertinent data and contacts. That will allow us to identify your current services, negotiate best-in-breed contract rates/terms, and create, align and centralize your baseline inventory safely and securely. With stricter governance and financial oversight, you’ll be able to avoid wasteful spending and scale/right-size with certainty.

Global Initiative

U.S Headquartered Manufacturing Firm

  • Evaluated $18M in annual spend from Americas, APAC and EMEA.
  • Provided a complete inventory for Fixed and Mobile services
  • Achieved $3M in annual savings

Digital Transformation Strategy and Planning:


Migrating complex infrastructure to new technology and/or services is no small task. Deep domain expertise is essential to successfully complete digital transformation initiatives that drive the growth and innovation necessary to compete. New hybrid work environments, service offerings, and reduced IT staff place pressure on IT departments to provide optimal solutions to meet the needs of their employees and customers.


Tangoe consultants can assist in the selection of new services, decommissioning of legacy services, and implementation of new services (i.e. POTs lines to SIP/VoIP/POTs replacement/UCaaS), MPLS to SD-WAN, Data Center/Co-location to Cloud, traditional Call Centers and CCaaS). We will take on full project management or be part of your team to ensure a successful transition.

Digital Transformation

$12B Multinational Company

  • Conducted RFP for migration from MPLS to SD-WAN
  • Increased available bandwidth 4x
  • Consolidated sites and drove $685K in annual savings

Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Support:


M&A and/or Divesture activity requires extensive work in terms of identifying, separating, and/or combining fixed, mobile and cloud services as well as the ordering, transferring, and contracting of such services with the acquired or divested entity. Tight deadlines, limited resources to identify and allocate services, to organize and execute service transfers, and negotiate new or modified agreements can result in sub-optimal outcomes


Leveraging extensive experience and best practices, our advisory team acts as an extension of yours to identify and transfer all fixed, mobile and cloud services. With dedicated project management, contracts are reviewed and properly aligned to business goals, while inventory is meticulously analyzed, reorganized, and assigned to the correct entity.

In addition, through comprehensive audits, we’ll eliminate active services at closed and unknown sites, create a global inventory database to provide visibility and an accurate list of services at each site, and finally provide optimization recommendations to deliver ROI/cost-savings to maximize the value of your investments.


Global Marketing Firm

  • $6.5M in savings identified
  • Successful split of services between two entities
  • Optimized services and reduced costs