Tangoe Advisory Services Cost Savings Assessment

What is a FREE Cost Savings Assessment?

Tangoe’s cost management consultants will take an inventory of your current services, evaluating your costs across vendors and categories including wireless, MPLS, VoIP, SIP trunking, internet, etc. Your current spending will be compared to market-competitive prices using Tangoe’s market price index. This will identify your market-price savings gap — the difference between your costs and the leading prices. You’ll get a free consultation explaining any overspending as well as the potential dollar savings you can recognize. Plus, you’ll see where the bulk of your spending comes from and which of your services offer the most savings potential.

What Happens Next?

Ready to take action? Tangoe can help. Engage with our consultants to:

Gain access to all the cost savings and service usage insights, arming you with the full information and support you need to negotiate contracts on your own
Invite Tangoe to negotiate contracts on your behalf, leveraging negotiation artists with decades of experience to land the best deal at the best rate
Request Tangoe to lead your RFP process, delivering a fully managed process for solicitation, decision, and contract negotiation

Why Trust Tangoe Advisory Services


contracts negotiated
annually by
negotiation artists


in annual IT spending
insights and market
price indexes


IT cost consultants
saving companies
15-30% on average

Cost Savings Assessment Summary

You’re overspending by: $350k/year