Contract Renegotiations, Audits, and Benchmarking Saving Companies Millions

Contract Renegotiations

‘Tis the season to start budget planning for next year and as with most IT teams, the first step is to find out where they can save. According to a recent study by Spiceworks/Ziff Davis, the outlook for IT spending in 2023 is generally strong, with 90% of respondents saying that they either planned to increase spending or keep it steady. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as IT now has to manage a hybrid workforce; there are more mission critical business applications are using mobile devices and it’s a cloud first model in most cases.

Over the last three months, the team of Tangoe consultants – sixty strong with hundreds of years of combined experience – have been incredibly busy helping our clients unlock savings. Here are a few examples of the ways we’ve supported millions of dollars of savings:

Renegotiating and Sourcing Carrier Contracts:

  • With no incremental commitment, this retail company saved 14% on their US carrier agreement
  • A food distribution company realized a 21% savings on their UK carrier contract
  • Large medical firm saved 39% on their France agreements, 55% on UK contracts and 41% for Switzerland 

Benchmarking and Analytics:

  • Identified a 12% savings for a large, diversified engineering firm 
  • Uncovered $1.3M in annual savings for a mid-size insurance company
  • Helped a healthcare company identify 20% savings with market relevant rates

Audit and Optimization:

  • Found $115K monthly savings in unused mobile lines plus $101K in credits owed
  • Identified savings on cloud infrastructure services with better usage controls

There continue to be no shortage of ways to save on telecom, mobile and cloud expenses. It starts with having an accurate inventory, staying up to date on market rates and continuously monitoring to optimize assets. This of course is easier said than done and therefore a good deal of our time is also spent is augmenting IT staffs on such projects to accelerate the rate of savings.

Stay tuned for our full year market analysis where we will share a real-time view of where the industry trends are going and how you can tap into our insights managing over $34B in revenue. Until then, we are ready and poised to help you shore up savings during this budget cycle. Are you ready to Tangoe?