Home Improvement Retailer Saves $1M+ in Mobile and Telecom Costs

Tangoe helps achieve tighter control over expenses while ensuring business continuity.

The Challenge

A multinational retailer known for its hardware and home improvement products turned to Tangoe for help managing their network expenses and mobile devices. With over 10,000 employees working at many hardware stores, the company consistently aims to optimize costs and stretch their IT budget. The IT Sourcing team was focused on two goals. First, they needed to expand their U.S. program for Telecom Expense Management (TEM) across the globe, and years later, they wanted to evaluate the cost effectiveness of their mobile device strategy.


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The Solution

Prior to Tangoe, each country was managing their own telecom services locally, making it difficult to define global spending, control costs, and leverage economies of scale. As a result, the retailer was overpaying for services. Additionally, they were unable to manage and protect company data on their mobile devices.

After an in-depth audit, Tangoe Advisory Services helped the retailer discover, document, and centralize their network services and mobile assets across the globe. With a holistic view of all services and devices, the retailer could now govern spending and negotiate bulk-price discounts.

With the help of Tangoe’s Managed Mobility Services, the retailer implemented a Global Mobile Policy which standardized device types across their mobile fleet, thus simplifying logistics and security management. Moreover, Tangoe’s Help Desk services ensure all employees have a working device with their technical questions and issues resolved in their local language.

Years later, executives were curious to see how much money they could save if they transitioned from a corporate-liable approach to a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) approach. Thanks to their up-to-date inventory of assets coupled with Tangoe’s evaluation of the BYOB opportunity based on their specific security environment, executives were armed with the data they needed to make an informed decision. In the end, they opted to maintain their corporate-liable model.

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The Outcome

In 2023, the retailer saved a total of $1,042,000 with $499K in telecom savings and $543K in mobile savings. With Tangoe as an integrated partner, the retailer spends less time and money on their telecom and mobility programs, leveraging their size and scale to negotiate lower prices and avoid unnecessary spending. Furthermore, they ensure business continuity for every device and employee in every country. Today, company leaders are confident they have a cost-effective and successful mobile program in place for their global operations.