Tangoe One

Tangoe One is a comprehensive platform to simplify, manage, and optimize expenses and inventory across fixed, mobile, and cloud technologies. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Tangoe One platform delivers positive business outcomes for enterprises of all sizes. The benefit of having a single pane view into all technology spend, real-time analytics, and a holistic inventory provides the visibility and control needed to run your business.

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What does Tangoe One do for you?

Our software does the work for you to save time and money. It simplifies and manages technology invoices and inventory wherever you are and provides actionable insights with comprehensive analytics and reporting across the enterprise, a branch office, or individual employee. AI and ML-powered data allows you to act on and improve efficiency. Eliminate manual processes with nearly 400 carrier integrations in our ecosystem. Get real-time insights, automated processes so you can focus on innovating for your business.



Simplify, streamline, and centralize processes to reduce manual tasks. Get a clear picture of your IT expenses and assets so you only pay for what you use, need, and agreed to, on time, every time. Leverage a broad range of integrations that seamlessly interact with your business systems.



Manage the full lifecycle of your IT assets and expenses confidently with error-proof automated processes and AI/ML powered data that delivers comprehensive reporting and anayltics for actionable insights and improved efficiency.



Optimize your investments with a solution that routinely pays for itself. Deliver bottom line cost savings back to your business so you can properly allocate spend, scale or right-size, and foster innovation and growth.



Secure your tech stack with strict governance protocols that strengthen compliance and security to eliminate overspending, protect your business and intellectual properties. Guidelines are based on industry, geographies, business initiatives, frameworks, and regulations.

End-to-end enterprise IT asset and expense management that delivers simplicity, savings, and user satisfaction.


Tangoe’s leading TEM solution is trusted by businesses of all sizes to simplify, manage, and optimize inventory and spend across fixed telecom services.


Enterprises turn to Tangoe, a visionary in Gartner’s MMS Magic Quadrant, to wrangle the complexity of mobile fleet lifecycle management.


Most businesses use in excess of 30 cloud providers, so staying on top of usage and expenses and ensuring you are maximizing effectiveness can be a challenge. Tangoe One’s Cloud solution does the work for you.

Reporting & Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics offer granular visibility of day-to-day activities as well as at the executive-level for a holistic 360 degree overview of your Telecom, Mobile and Cloud spend, inventory, services and more in one single, central location to help drive strategic decisions.


Gain strategic insights, receive full historical expense audits, find the right services and devices, negotiate the best global contracts, and reduce IT operating costs with Tangoe Advisory Services.