Tangoe One Bill Pay

Tangoe One Bill Pay

Tangoe One Bill Pay

Tangoe’s Bill Pay closes the loop of your invoice processing by paying your bills to save time, eliminate late fees and misapplied payments, and prevent disconnects. Our solution automates the entire billing process so that you gain efficiencies, avoid wasteful spending, and gain visibility into your Telecom, Mobile and Cloud bills. You make a single payment then Bill Pay optimizes distribution to vendor accounts and gives you control of batch approvals and release of funds.

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What does Tangoe One Bill Pay do for you?

Ensures that your IT invoices are paid on-time, both domestic and international, and takes the burden off your team’s hands so that they can focus on high-value tasks.



Simplify the invoice payment process by eliminating internal manual tasks, reducing time spent validating vendors, chasing down errors, and dealing with too many monthly transactions.



Manage your IT expenses by gaining visibility and control of the payment process with an automated payments system that works for you, not vice versa. Minimize disconnects and fees. Capture negotiated vendor discounts. Get near real-time payment confirmation, as well as detailed reporting.



Optimize payment distribution to vendor accounts with a single payment. Eliminate service disconnects and late fees, and leverage automated workflows towards extracting, approving, signing (checks), and mailing payments. Optimize cash flow by paying invoices according to due dates.

A Natural Extension of the Expense Management Process

With Tangoe as your IT expense and asset management service provider, you get one end-to-end solution, service and support, and a seamless user experience

Cash Management

Allocates payments in carrier systems and provides G/L allocation of invoices to cost centers and departments.


Eliminate manually intensive carrier back-office that provides no visibility into payment processes can lead to late fees and service disconnects.

Cost Control

Internal costs for customer to process payment of invoices can be as high as $25 per invoice.