Tangoe Analytics: The Data Overview and Insights You’ve Been Waiting For

Tangoe Analytics: The Data Overview and Insights You’ve Been Waiting For

The shift to remote work has forever changed the landscape of IT. According to Gartner, 31% of all workers worldwide will be remote by 2022, with the U.S. leading the charge at a 53% remote workforce. Corporate use of digital communication platforms like Slack, Zoom, and others are at an all-time high.

Each one of these workers represent an explosion of endpoints: mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), cloud-based access, and software to stay connected and productive while working from anywhere. Remote work was on the rise well before COVID, but the dramatic increase (from 17% remote in 2019 to 31% remote worldwide today) has put enterprise finance and IT teams in a tough position.

In the rapid transition of (often sensitive) work from controlled office environments to kitchens, living rooms, and home offices across the globe, organizations face more than a threat to their bottom lines. A host of legal and security issues are now in play, such as unprecedented exposure to fraud, abuse, and data breaches.

Now that the scramble to issue devices and access has calmed and made space for intentional growth, how can businesses maintain high-level visibility and control over company-wide technology expenses, inventory, services, and usage? 

Putting all of that data in one place is the most practical first step.

The Danger of Data Silos

The most effective way to address risks such as out-of-control technology budgets is to analyze existing data about devices and usage—assuming there’s a platform you can access. An abundance of anecdotal evidence is available from anyone you ask, but there’s no substitute for solid fact when budgets and data security are at stake.

But if your data is siloed within separate databases or software solutions, any decisions will be based on an incomplete picture. And silos don’t just make analysis trickier; they also expose data to a higher risk of being lost or compromised.

Like reading a secret message without the decoder ring, siloed data just doesn’t mean very much. How can your team effectively plan for tomorrow’s what-ifs without full context from today’s reality? 

The answer: they can’t. Without a 30,000-foot view of your technology assets and expenses, teams cannot possibly take proactive steps to safeguard your employees, your company, or your net profits. 

Tangoe Analytics Provides that Holistic Perspective

Tangoe has now put a world of data at your fingertips in one easy-to-use dashboard. Tangoe Analytics provides a bird’s-eye view of telecom, mobile, and cloud expenses and inventory—all the information required today to make the right decisions tomorrow.

  • Save Money: Monitor cost and usage, including spikes and dips, allowing you to scale as needed and proactively identify potential issues. Make accurate projections based on trends and other critical insights gleaned from data.
  • Right Information, Right Time: Provide Business Line Managers with the data required to track overall spend and prepare budgets.
  • Data-Based Strategy:  With a comprehensive overview of expenses and inventory available in one central hub, teams can easily make strategic decisions to right-size spend and security controls.

Featured Dashboards and Benefits  

With automatic data analysis and a unified view of telecom expense and device management performance, your team can:

  • Predict the future: Spot and prevent problems before they escalate 
  • Mitigate risk: Make contingency plans for those what-ifs backed by actual data
  • Track savings: Find out if cost-cutting measures work as intended
  • Sort on demand: Sort by cost center, region, or country to gain critical insights
  • Educated expense management: View expenses across asset and service types (such as telecom, mobile, cloud, etc.)

Wondering whether the dashboard of your dreams is available? Tangoe Analytics offers the following views and analyses right out of the box:

  • Spend High Level: A top-down view of enterprise-wide expenses across multiple categories. Want focused insight into your investments? Just use the built-in filters.
  • Spend Trends: Spot trends by service area, vendor, and charge type. Variance calculations draw your eye to high performers and potential trouble spots. View month over month, quarter over quarter, or year over year for maximum flexibility.
  • Spend Asset View: Understand your assets and their budgetary impact. Quickly identify the most expensive assets.
  • Spend Vendor View: Know exactly where money goes; identify top vendors across all services.
  • Cost Center Details: Control and manage costs by department and gain enterprise insight into where your budget is going.
  • Inventory Details: Group assets by category to view by type or vendor. 
  • Location Details: View vendors, spend, and assets by country, region, state, or city. 

Tangoe customers love the power to drill into trends and have done-for-you analysis at their fingertips. Curious to learn more? Download our Tangoe Analytics Solutions Sheet.