Simplify, Manage, and Optimize Microsoft 365 Licenses

Keeping track of your M365 licenses can be challenging as people come and go but also given the rapidly changing dynamics of today’s enterprises. IT teams must ensure that their licenses don’t go unused, the right license is assigned to the right person, and invoices match their contract terms.

Tangoe’s CEM for SaaS

Allows you to streamline the full lifecycle of these processes and makes sure that you only pay for what you use and for what you need.

License Inventory
Purchased. Assigned. Unassigned. Cost per license. Total Cost. Underutilized value.
True Up
Licenses purchased on top of the initial purchase. License costs is on a pro rata basis.
Tangoe One Platform
Auto Increment
Flag the true up groups automatically based on the license data fetched from the APIs.
Application spend vs cost:
Holistic view into all licenses to compare cost (purchased vs true up) and identify anomalies. Spend is pulled from transactions. Cost is pulled from contracts.
Spend allocation & chargeback
By department and users, you can set it by active users, total users, active users within the last 30 days or manual.
User spend & cost
Based on the license type, start data, the cost and spend by user
License assigned to service accounts
Optimize licenses. Identify usage. Deprovision licenses.
Licenses assigned to inactive users
Users are marked inactive based on their status in SSO or HRMS system and can be re-allocated to active employees
Tangoe One Platform
Identify duplicate licenses
Microsoft 365 E5 includes almost all the features of Enterprise Mobility + Security E3. If a user is assigned both the licenses, then Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 becomes redundant
Optimization Report
Uncovers potential on the un-deprovisioned, underused and unused licenses
M365 Deep usage Analytics
Everything that is available through APIs are available on the report.
By department or at an application level. Map current spend versus allocated budget.
Workflows & Playbooks
Reusable templates consisting of onboarding/offboarding actions can be created as playbooks. Automation rules can be created to trigger playbooks.

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