Global Document Solutions and Services Company Achieves 246% ROI on Mobile Tariff Optimization

Internal Reporting System, Self-Service Software, and Cost Governance Produce Annual Savings of £350,000

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The Challenge

A top global document solutions and services company was looking to efficiently manage its mobility expenses, gain control of its mobile landscape, and implement scalable support and governance through device lifecycle management. To help solve their ongoing issues, the company enlisted the services of a European Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provider, which was soon after acquired by Tangoe.

Tangoe absorbed and optimized the European-based provider’s wireless expense management platform while helping this document solutions and services company overcome its mobility challenges.




savings annually identified

through Tangoe



mobile devices

managed around

the world

The Solution

Initially, this company’s employees collaborated with Tangoe’s Help Desk for Managed Mobility Solutions (MMS). In order to reduce friction and increase productivity, Tangoe replaced this manual process with self-service software, enabling users to select assets, plans, and accessories without the assistance of IT or mobile support teams.

After shifting users from a Vodafone rate plan to an unlimited, bundled tariff through Vodafone Red, industry experts were skeptical of Tangoe’s willingness to support a direct competitor. However, this document solutions and services company continued to reap benefits (especially in the form of deep analytics and cost savings) with its solution’s unrivaled visibility of usage and capabilities for monitoring and enforcing company policy. With Tangoe, this company ensures that every order placed is authorized, audited, and appropriate. Tangoe also supported the migration and successfully completed tariff mapping to ensure that this customer’s mobility platform could properly read new call detail records from Vodafone Red. Combined with a data cleanse to eliminate old line items, duplications, and errors, this step resulted in precise inventory reporting and up-to-date hardware records.

Now, Tangoe manages a multifaceted MMS solution on the company’s behalf, with an emphasis on wireless expense management, Help Desk, user queries, and forward and reverse logistics. Through a collaborative effort, Tangoe delivered a substantial ROI of 246% and annual savings of £350,000.

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Self-Service Software

to support employees

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Precise Inventory Reporting

and up-to-date records 

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Reliable and Scalable Support

and governance for the entire mobile lifecycle

The Outcome

Thanks to Tangoe, this company is now able to recharge its monthly invoices down to the cost-center level through bespoke reporting, which feeds into an internal finance system. Through Tangoe’s self-cleansing database, users log in and view mobile details to ensure they are up-to-date and maintained. As mobility-related expenses are applied to the appropriate internal group, it is also much easier to meet budget requirements.

Mobility continues to be an essential part of this company’s organizational growth as it moves people and processes forward. It presents unique challenges best managed by solutions that address the entire mobility landscape. Tangoe governs the usage and cost of Vodafone Red on the client’s behalf while providing fleet analysis, internal journal reporting, and the documentation required for accurate chargebacks to numerous lines of business. Finally, Tangoe also provides end-to-end support for company assets. When devices are no longer serviceable, the hardware is collected and recycled; any value collected is then passed back to this company.

These efforts not only yielded a substantial ROI on mobile tariff optimization, but also supported and reinforced how this company’s internal IT team worked with mobile users and administered its cloud network.