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What is Cloud Optimization

What is Cloud Optimization?

Cloud Optimization is a function of an enterprise CEM solution that helps identify opportunities to reduce costs, resources and time associated with managing and maintaining IaaS, UCaaS, SaaS and PaaS to maximize the value of these investments. When it comes to IT, it is the highest priority currently for businesses, according to Flexera’s 2022 State of the Cloud report. Second is the complexities of the cloud migration process in and of itself.  

Why is it important?

Cloud Optimization enables organizations to budget accordingly, scale, right-size and forecast future needs, maximizing the value of their investments across their entire cloud portfolio. With the mounting cloud costs across spend categories, savings enable IT leaders to reinvest in transformative initiatives that drive competitive advantage as well as roadmap-based technology enhancements that retains customers without overpaying for cloud services and usage.  

With a CEM solution from Tangoe, AI embedded algorithms based on over a million different pricing schemas generate savings recommendations that identify where and how companies can save with one click for immediate action. Without automated cost optimization, key stakeholders are at risk for overspending, under-utilization, and prone to more manual errors that makes it difficult to innovate and achieve ROI.  

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How to implement a Cloud Cost Optimization strategy?

To accomplish this, IT and (IT) finance executives must work cross-functionally and collaboratively across departments and line-of-business managers to align on needs, and encourage a culture of transparency where everyone pays their fair share and uses services responsibly, in-keeping with IT and Compliance governance and security protocols. Leverage a CEM solution with chargeback processes that allocates expenses to the appropriate departments. Once you know who is spending on what, you’re better equipped to identify savings opportunities and take the right cutting measures. 

What is IaaS Optimization and its’ impact on organizations?

IaaS optimization is the process of identifying potential savings opportunities and decreasing costs specific to infrastructure-as-a-service by eliminating wasteful spending for this growing and complex category, especially with respect to multi-cloud environments. This is accomplished by removing misused, unnecessary and/or decommissioned resources. Digitizing the process drives accuracy and efficiency, with on-demand reporting and analytics and AI-driven optimization recommendations deliver savings/discounts quickly and easily, ready for implementation from the get-go.  

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What other features come with IaaS optimization?

With IaaS Optimization as part of your CEM solution, you’re able to: 

  • Restrict data access and limit visibility by isolating recommendations by user account. The result is tighter control, compliance / governance and security.  
  • Ignore any recommendations that aren’t related to your business use cases and provide reasons so that everyone is kept in the loop. 
  • Right-size virtual machines, databases, data warehousing and storage volumes 
  • Decommission unused storage volumes, load balancers and snapshots  
  • Create schedules for instance pausing and set reserved instance coverage 
  • See historical reserved instance coverage 
  • Automate reservation purchases 

How can I easily onboard new providers?

Tangoe One CEM provides a fully automated onboarding process, with editable policies. There is no need to install any software, as the platform uses public cloud APIs. 

How does this impact the rise of DevOps? 

Cloud cost optimization, whether it’s for IaaS, UCaaS, SaaS, PaaS or all of the above doesn’t simplify benefit a company’s P&L. It empowers DevOps teams with the data they need to make forward-thinking strategic decisions with regards to technology investments, be it with infrastructure or applications that will propel them into the future, stay competitive and respond to market demands.   

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