What is Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Management?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a fully outsourced cloud computing service model with managed, owned/leased hosting and development environments. Resources (such as compute, network infrastructure, and storage hardware) that may have been previously hosted on premises or in data centers are now being hosted in public, private or hybrid-cloud environments on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Companies choose to move their resources to the cloud to drive efficiency, scale, and savings. Web hosting companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud are all IaaS providers, also known as cloud service providers (or CSPs).

However, “pay-as-you-go” pricing models and the variable nature of service costs can cause IaaS expenses to rise above and beyond allotted corporate IT budgets. In addition, inflation and rising cloud costs can add another factor in unwanted surprises associated with IaaS bills and invoices. Cloud expense management solutions help solve these problems. CEM solutions help companies understand where their IaaS expenses come from and how effectively they are using the cloud infrastructure services they have already paid for. Moreover, they offer actionable cost-savings recommendations for lowering the cost of their IaaS service as well as for increasing the efficiency of cloud resource use. These needs won’t change anytime soon, which is why its important to review our 2024 IT Trends and Savings Recommendations.

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IaaS costs tend to spiral out of control for these key reasons:

  1. Overprovisioning: Companies tend to overestimate the amount of cloud resources they need, thus purchasing too much infrastructure. Sometimes companies say they will use high-power resources when low-power resources will do.
  2. Under provisioning: Companies overuse the cloud with departments deploying more workloads without any governance or oversight by IT — therefore storage costs increase.
  3. Lack of Oversight: Sometimes IT departments just forget they spun up a resource, which is common as projects close or as IT staff leave the company. In some cases, workloads are simply out-of-sync with business needs. In most cases, IaaS needs to be reviewed in order to ensure applications and infrastructure are set up in a way that most efficiently supports the business need.

Check out our report on IaaS challenges and how to overcome them. All of these challenges have given rise to the FinOps strategy and framework for controlling cloud costs.

Tangoe One Cloud for IaaS is a Cloud Expense Management (CEM) solution and managed service. It’s a comprehensive solution for IaaS that provides:

  • Cost optimization, including IaaS usage analysis and cost-savings recommendations,
  • Cost allocations, charge backs, showbacks,
  • Finance integration, including custom accounts payable and general ledger files
  • Contract management,
  • Invoice management, and
  • The option of bill payment — to name just a few.

Our CEM solution automates IaaS cost optimization and makes manual and inefficient financial operations more efficient. It allows a business to gain visibility and control over their complex and costly IaaS environments to eliminate wasteful spending. The solution provides comprehensive, centralized reporting and analytics that identify IaaS usage and spending spikes as well as capacity across an organization. It leverages the power of AI, machine learning and robotic process automation to help enterprises simplify, manage and optimize these expenses in order to properly allocate resources, scale their business and maximize ROI. This infographic can help you understand how Tangoe One Cloud handles IaaS lifecycle management.

IaaS Optimization is the process of identifying potential savings opportunities and decreasing cloud infrastructure costs by eliminating wasteful spending and automating management tasks. This is accomplished by removing misused, unnecessary and/or decommissioned resources and then using automated cloud financial management tools to maximize efficiencies.

Our solution contains automated optimization which delivers cost savings recommendations via AI-powered software. But it also contains automated implementation capabilities, which auto-implements changes to the IaaS service settings, helping companies instantly capitalize on the cost savings recommendations. Digitizing this process drives accuracy and efficiency, with on-demand reporting and analytics that result in greater savings and discounts to right-size and/or scale your business.

Here is a short summary of some of the most popular features and functions included in Tangoe One Cloud for IaaS.

IaaS Optimization:

  • Inventory Management
  • Cloud Visibility and Usage Analytics
  • AI-Powered Savings Recommendations
  • Unused Resource Identification
  • Reserved Instance Management
  • Tagging & Pausing Guidance
  • Cost-Effective Configurations
  • When to Use Discounts

IaaS Expense Management:

  • Cost Policy & Governance
  • Cost Allocation Management
  • Budget & Forecasting
  • Financial Integration
  • Financial Reports
  • Invoice Management
  • Contract Mangement
  • Bill Pay Services
  • Managed Services and a Full-Service Consultancy

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