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Keep calm and clear the haze off your cloud costs

From mid-market to global enterprises, multi-cloud environments are growing rapidly in size, scope, complexity, costs, and security risk. It’s why cloud cost optimization has never been more important than today. Tangoe’s CEM and optimization solution and support teams help you simplify, manage, and optimize, SaaS, IaaS and UCaaS spend, assets, and license usage in a single platform. Get the insights you need to scale or right size your business and get the most out of your cloud investments.

Tangoe One Platform


Centralized, standardized data that links all cloud expenses to assets and their associated cost centers.



Robust analytics and customized alerts keeps you organized and in-the- know.



Automated optimization reveals instant cost savings recommendations you can act on immediately, while our team of advisory experts can help you maintain them.

Tangoe One Platform


Tighter controls over your cloud ecosystem strengthens compliance and security, eliminates overspending, and protects your intellectual properties.

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2023 Cloud Report: Enterprises Face a Cloud Cost Quandary

Explore the cost savings challenges that come with cloud-first strategies and the management approaches reaping higher returns on digital innovation.
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How to Stop Wasting Money and Resources in the Cloud
How can companies better use their cloud resources including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)? This is where cloud optimization and cost management solutions step in to help.
What to Look for in Cloud Expense Management Solutions Infographic

What to Look for in Cloud Expense Management Solutions

You don’t need more people to make sense of the cloud. Cloud optimization and cost management platforms can make cloud infrastructure and applications more visible, efficient, and useful for companies of all sizes. 

Reasons to Explore Cloud Expense Management Infographic

Reasons to Explore Cloud Expense Management

To ensure any cloud-first business can actually do business, they must first realize the full value of their cloud-focused digital transformation efforts. They need to know what they are doing in the cloud, so they can optimize cloud use.

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A SaaS Management Solution that Solves it All

From Shadow IT Discovery to Cost and Usage Optimization, Employee On and Off Boarding, Contract Management and more, Tangoe One CEM for SaaS delivers cutting-edge AI-driven tools to help enterprises of all sizes reach ROI on their SaaS investments from day 1 while strengthening their security posture.


Set your IaaS up for success

Get CEM and automated optimization recommendations for IaaS that gives you full visibility and control over your growing cloud spend and puts you back in the driver’s seat.

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Simplify, Manage, and Optimize Microsoft 365 Licenses

Save up to 50% in hard and soft dollars
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Zoom in on your UCaaS apps with certainty

The industry’s most comprehensive UCaaS CEM solution delivers tools and insights to empower you to get more out of your services for less.

UCaaS Expense Management Cost Report
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Bring it all together with SaaS Management

Get detailed visibility and greater control over your SaaS investment to achieve maximum ROI, drive operational and process efficiencies, and tighten security protocols to protect your business, employees, and bottom line. 

Investment management leader gains real-time visibility and trust with Tangoe.

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One Platform for complete technology expense and lifecycle management

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Tangoe One CEM for SaaS

Tangoe’s Cloud Expense Management for SaaS solution delivers complete end-to-end SaaS management, all in a single platform. From procurement through payment, SaaS licenses are easily managed across your enterprise.

Tangoe Wins Gold Stevie® Award for Cutting Implementation Times in Half
Tangoe was named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the “Best Technical Support Solution” category in the 21st Annual American Business Awards® today. This is our second time to win a Gold Stevie for customer service.
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Simplify, Manage, and Optimize Microsoft 365 Licenses
Learn how to best optimize your business’s Microsoft 365 licenses to get the most out of your Cloud SaaS spend. 

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